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Paul Morris Forum 2017-12-06T17:57:32-07:00 http://forum.treasureislandmedia.com/feed.php?f=14 2017-12-06T17:57:32-07:00 2017-12-06T17:57:32-07:00 http://forum.treasureislandmedia.com/viewtopic.php?t=938&p=4784#p4784 <![CDATA[HORNY STORIES AND POEMS • Latest 3sum fun at home]]> Statistics: Posted by Guest — Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:57 pm

2017-10-12T00:18:59-07:00 2017-10-12T00:18:59-07:00 http://forum.treasureislandmedia.com/viewtopic.php?t=958&p=4832#p4832 <![CDATA[HORNY STORIES AND POEMS • A birthday present to myself - cock and cum]]>
I went to my favourite spot 'the den'. Was going to be free in the valley for a few hours so knew I'd be there for a while.

As soon as I got there, one young Asian dude was sticking his hot young smooth arse through a large hole in the wall. He wanted me to fuck him, so I did. I fucked him for ages. I felt some cum inside his arse as some leaked out the side of my cock and ran down his arse. I tasted my dick with his arse juice all over it, and it had a sweet flavour, then I kept fucking him more. He became really tight at one point and I didn't stop. Twice I forced my hard cock into his arse and I don't think he wanted it and I felt like I ripped his arse apart, I heard a muffled scream. Fuck I almost blew my load, was like raping his hole.

He stopped and said he wanted to take a break so I left him alone.

I then waited for a while and all that were there apart from the young Asian guy were all oldies, no offence but some older guy are okay but these walking (some hobbling with walking sticks!!) were just not my type.

I decided to go get some fresh air and about an hour later went back to see if any more fresh meet had arrived for the picking!!!

Phew. Thank god I went back. I went into the booths area and this thick fat hard cock poked through and man was my mouth salivating. I swooped down like you wouldn't believe. (well I guess you would believe that LOL!!!) and we swapped sucking on each other�s cocks and after a few minutes he wanted to go get a room so we did. He found this private room that had a sling in it. So he laid back on the sling and I was in cock sucking heaven. I sucked him for a bit and then put my hard cock against his arse, but he didn't want to get fucked, so Ok by me. I sucked and sucked his hard thick veiny cock for a long time, sucking up and down, deep throating and sucking in both balls into my mouth at the same time. He had his legs up in the air and I noticed his hairy arse, so even though he didn't want to get fucked, he liked me sliding my finger on his hairy hole. So I smelled his hole on my fingers and nice and clean so put my nose down there and oh man, so sweet, just a hint of a musky smell, so I stuck my tongue on the outside of his ring and as he snorted more poppers the whole time. He went berserk and then my tongue went berserk as well. I was licking his arse and his ring up and down, swirling my tongue inside his hole, and when I started to push my tongue deep down his arse hole he started moaning and I nearly dropped my own load on the floor as I stroked my own cock, precum was oozing so much out of my cock.

So I stopped licking his hole and went back to his balls as he moaned for more and then I quickly deep throated his cock. In about 60 seconds later he filled my mouth with his sweet sticky man juice. I've noticed my mouth and tongue can make a guy cum quickly.

After he blew we left the room and he left the club. I was still hungry so I went back to the booths with the holes in the walls and waited for cock to be shoved thru the gloryholes again.

It wasn't long and this cock poked through a hole. I sucked and sucked and got him hard and stripped my pants off and bent over and pushed my arse onto his raw hard cock. I used my hands to pull my arse open wide and felt his cock head pop inside my hungry hole. He fucked me for a while then I hopped off his cock, turned and started sucking down tasting my arse on his cock. Then popped my arse back on his cock and then fucked me for a while and then turned and sucked his cock for a while. I was so hot and hard, we kept doing that for about 15 minutes. I have to leave for an appointment so I had to go. With cum on my cock from the first guy I fucked, cum in my mouth from the guy I blew and then a huge amount of precum from the last guy. He didn't blow but I wanted him to but he must have taken a while. If I could've stayed longer he would have blown in my arse.

That was a lot of quick fun on my birthday!

Statistics: Posted by Guest — Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:18 am

2017-08-03T14:09:06-07:00 2017-08-03T14:09:06-07:00 http://forum.treasureislandmedia.com/viewtopic.php?t=959&p=4979#p4979 <![CDATA[HORNY STORIES AND POEMS • ]]> Statistics: Posted by yeahyeah — Thu Aug 03, 2017 2:09 pm

2017-06-17T13:15:03-07:00 2017-06-17T13:15:03-07:00 http://forum.treasureislandmedia.com/viewtopic.php?t=1093&p=5272#p5272 <![CDATA[HORNY STORIES AND POEMS • hot]]> Statistics: Posted by Guest — Sat Jun 17, 2017 1:15 pm

2017-05-08T11:06:00-07:00 2017-05-08T11:06:00-07:00 http://forum.treasureislandmedia.com/viewtopic.php?t=1223&p=6233#p6233 <![CDATA[HORNY STORIES AND POEMS • mmm]]> Statistics: Posted by Guest — Mon May 08, 2017 11:06 am

2017-05-08T11:05:07-07:00 2017-05-08T11:05:07-07:00 http://forum.treasureislandmedia.com/viewtopic.php?t=1120&p=5960#p5960 <![CDATA[HORNY STORIES AND POEMS • thanks]]> Statistics: Posted by Guest — Mon May 08, 2017 11:05 am

2017-05-08T06:34:21-07:00 2017-05-08T06:34:21-07:00 http://forum.treasureislandmedia.com/viewtopic.php?t=1311&p=6646#p6646 <![CDATA[HORNY STORIES AND POEMS • Quick sex club fun with my BF]]> Statistics: Posted by Guest — Mon May 08, 2017 6:34 am

2017-05-07T19:34:45-07:00 2017-05-07T19:34:45-07:00 http://forum.treasureislandmedia.com/viewtopic.php?t=1466&p=7762#p7762 <![CDATA[HORNY STORIES AND POEMS • Session 2: Gloryhole Blow job]]> Hey Guys, please leave me any comments you like, if you did like reading these. These are all true and I love being an exhibitionist for anyone to watch me having sex. This also gives me an outlet for my experiences and love to know if anyone else likes these too!! Daz


The next night I had a few glasses of red wine and started getting very fucking horny. I was home alone and had a car and was about11PM and thought time to go to one of my fave sex clubs and see what trouble I can get into.

The Den sounded like the place to be on a quiet Thursday night just before midnight.

And as usual was fairly quiet. But then spotted one guy and I thought fuck it, I sometime get a bit fussy and don�t go for older guys, but I was game and ready for any cock shoved through a hole. He was probably mid to late-60�s. But I felt like I wanted to be a total slut and go for any dick that night.

I walked into a booth and he was on other side about to stick his cock through the hole.

Where he stood was raised so was good height as hole was right where my mouth was standing up. So in came this fucking enormous fat cock through the hole. My mouth started drooling and I went down on it straight away. Needed some poppers to help enjoy this monster so took a few sniffs and slobbered all over his cock. Was a clean smelling cock and enjoyed the taste coming into my mouth. The precum was almost instant as it hit my tongue. He was hard in a matter if a few seconds as he must have enjoyed my sucking as he stayed there getting harder and harder, and the more he grew the more my fucking mouth got wider to contain his knob in my mouth. I licked up and down his shaft dribbling spit all over, then tasted some more precum and again I tried to shove my tongue down the eye of his dick to coax out more precum� and it flowed�. I then moved to his hairy balls. I sucked on his balls and they were huge marbles. I sucked each in turn gently caressing them with my tongue as they sat squeezed into my wide open mouth.
By now in the booth I was in there were another four holes in the wall and all open spaces and another guy about mid-30�s was there stroking off watching me suck this fucking huge monster cock.
I was on show, so snorted more poppers and was slowly sucking the cock into my mouth, dragging my furry tongue across the edge of his knob, and could notice him shuddering at the feeling.
More precum� yum�� and then I grabbed him in one hand and started to increase the friction with my mouth and go faster and faster sucking his knob.

He stepped back a little as if to stop himself from blowing, but I quickly got him back into my mouth and another few quick spits and slurping from my mouth and boom, the flow of cum was quick, and like a spray in the roof and tongue of my mouth and he was still blowing as he pulled away and sprayed huge amounts across my chin and face. I smeared it in by rubbing along the length of his cock and then tried to clean his cock with my mouth. I took some more in by getting my tongue down the eye of his dick and also wiping his shaft across my tongue.

He then pulled away and left.

I stood there gaining my stance and notice the mid-30�s guy was still there stroking off. I walked over and bent down and started sucking him off too. Was weird, I had the feeling I had sucked his cock before. It wasn�t an overly large cock, nice size, hard and underneath side of shaft was as though he had hundreds of tiny bumps as part of a skin condition. No matter I kept sucking on his dick. I noticed then another guy had walked up to the hole and stuck his dick through to get guy I was sucking to suck his dick through the hole, which he did. So the two of us, were having a good popper snorting time, sucking the dicks in our mouths.

The 3rd guy pulled out and came around to join us in the booth. Not sure if he was drunk or just pushy but he leapt onto the cock I was sucking. He had a long thick cock which I attempted to suck and could for a little while but he was so pre-occupied with sucking the other guy he wouldn�t stand still.

I stood up watched for a few seconds and decided to move on.

Walked around for another 10 minutes or more and found another section of gloryhole booths where fucking through the gloryholes usually happen (as I have described in previous posts).
I walked into one dark booth and knelt down and had a look through the hole and one guy was partially clothed fucking the arse of another guy totally naked. I put my arm through caressing the two guys and they seemed unfazed to what I was doing. I tried to get my hand underneath so I could feel his cock sliding into his arse but the position they were in was too awkward. I watched for a while and was so horny watching them I needed more cock.

If I couldn�t find anymore I would head off to my other sex club.

I walked around another 5 minutes and spotted another guy about mid-30�s was almost �stalking� me. I stopped at a booth that was partially opened so anyone could watch or join in when they wanted. He walked past me and laid back with his crotch facing up. I walked up between his legs and opened his fly to release a very hot cock indeed.

I took out my poppers and was going to take my time and enjoy this cock. I was in no hurry and neither was he.

He started to slowly get hard as he watched me take some big sniffs of poppers. I picked up his hardening cock and slowly started tasting it and swirling the knob around my tongue and mouth.
Precum was oozing out and a kind of metallic tasting precum so a strong taste covered my tongue. My mind was so keyed up and horny, my dick was swelling and let it loose so it dripped precum as well. I was tasting his precum and mine as it oozed from both cocks.
More poppers. Big snort. My mind was buzzing with excitement and I drilled my face into his crotch and balls. I don�t think he�d had a shower before he went to the sex club so he had a slightly sweaty but fucking horny musky smell and taste along his crotch, balls and shaft. I nuzzled my face into his crotch and balls and covered my face with his odour and musky scents.

So as I sucked him I could keep smelling his balls on my face. Every now and then guys would walk past, have a look for a few minutes and then keep going. Some stayed and jerked off while watching slowly devour this hot cock in my mouth. I so wanted to jump up and sit raw on his cock but the blow job was so fucking horny I couldn�t release my mouth from his cock.

I�d shove my face full forward and force myself to gag on his long musky dick.
Almost to the point of my vomiting did I make myself gag. I�d stop, catch my breath and then go down again. I did this a few times and he sounded like he enjoyed that from the loud moans and groans coming from his mouth.

Then I�d stop, hover my mouth so close to his knob that my breath dried the spit on his cock. I could just touch the edge of the knob against my bottom lip.

Then while in that position, I�d snort some more poppers, and then suddenly throw my head down on his shaft swallowing his cock whole down my throat. My gag reflexes were more relaxed now and could take his whole cock in one swoop down with my lips touching the base of the pubes on his skin.

He was loving this attention to his dick.

Then I�d pull back just as quick just hovering over his cock. My breath brushing over his knob.
Then down again taking him whole in my mouth.

I could have gone on for hours, but noticed he was starting to make me stop for fear he�d blow.

But I was hungry. Hungry for sperm.

I took my hand and started to rub up and down his shaft as his knob slid across my lips and tongue. I got more spit there and helped the cock slide easily in and out of my mouth.

I could sense he was getting close and I said I wanted a feed of seed.
Not long after that he exploded full force into my mouth. I didn�t lift off as I wanted the whole load in my mouth to slowly taste it going down te back of my throat.

It was warm, sweet and had a real �tang� as though his musky balls had infused into his load.

When his orgasm slowed down I slowly released his cock from my mouth not losing a drop. I ate his load and could feel it had coated the inside of my mouth. I slowly and carefully lifted his dick and cleaned off as much cum coating his cock. Some had leaked down his musky hairy balls so scooped that up with my tongue as well.

He took his time getting up as he laid there enjoying the warm glow of blowing his load down my throat.

I went home, took out my dildos and fucked myself stupid with the toys watching Treasure Island Videos until I blew three times more, tasting each load mixed with the loads on my face and down my throat.

Can�t wait to go back again.

Statistics: Posted by Guest — Sun May 07, 2017 7:34 pm

2017-05-07T19:34:28-07:00 2017-05-07T19:34:28-07:00 http://forum.treasureislandmedia.com/viewtopic.php?t=1526&p=8064#p8064 <![CDATA[HORNY STORIES AND POEMS • Straight Guy and Sex Club P1]]> Statistics: Posted by Guest — Sun May 07, 2017 7:34 pm

2017-03-04T23:37:58-07:00 2017-03-04T23:37:58-07:00 http://forum.treasureislandmedia.com/viewtopic.php?t=1210&p=6081#p6081 <![CDATA[HORNY STORIES AND POEMS • done right there]]> I went under the covers and felt around. He had morning wood like you wouldn't believe. It would have stopped right there ... except ... I took a hit of poppers and ventured back under the covers. With only a sigh, I discovered he was committed too. To what? Hmmm. His dick was rock hard and standing above his belly, though he was lying on his back. I'd known he was a lean 21 yo, but had forgotten, really, what that meant for his sex drive and competence. His cock moved smoothly into and out of my mouth. He had a zoomer kind of dick, with sorta small balls, but a dick that become much larger towards the base, and a head that looked almost uncircumcised. I knew he'd been used many times before but I just couldn't get past his hardness and the way his dick stuck to his belly.
After a hit of poppers, I was on his belly telling him "Oh Brandon," and stuff like that. I pulled out an put a little dab of lubricant on his dick. Next thing I know, I am facing away from him and he is fucking me like a sewing machine: it felt like sharp jabs but he was totally inside me and fucking to completion. He didn't say much when he came -- nothing in fact - but he was done, and deep inside me with his holy load, and I was just done right there.

Statistics: Posted by Guest — Sat Mar 04, 2017 10:37 pm

2017-03-04T23:37:39-07:00 2017-03-04T23:37:39-07:00 http://forum.treasureislandmedia.com/viewtopic.php?t=1197&p=5990#p5990 <![CDATA[HORNY STORIES AND POEMS • a quick suck and fuck session]]> Statistics: Posted by Guest — Sat Mar 04, 2017 10:37 pm

2017-03-04T23:04:56-07:00 2017-03-04T23:04:56-07:00 http://forum.treasureislandmedia.com/viewtopic.php?t=1191&p=7150#p7150 <![CDATA[HORNY STORIES AND POEMS • hot]]> Statistics: Posted by Guest — Sat Mar 04, 2017 10:04 pm

2017-03-04T23:04:11-07:00 2017-03-04T23:04:11-07:00 http://forum.treasureislandmedia.com/viewtopic.php?t=1561&p=8241#p8241 <![CDATA[HORNY STORIES AND POEMS • Fun First time at Another Bathouse]]> the below happend yesterday, and even though I did do more things, I only typed up what immediately came to memory when typing it up.

Hope you like



Well, didnt know what to expect at this bath house in Brisbane.... had been to the den and klub kruise in Brisbane and bodyline in Sydney but not in Brisbane.

Preference is the walking around in towels and getting into it without having to worry about taking clothes on and off all the time.

And Wednesday's are 'no towel' day in the play areas...... so everyone walks around with towel hung over their shoulders/necks.

Was a bit intimidating at first as everyone who walks past grabs your cock, and of course for first 20 minutes at this place the average age of guys there was about 75....... no offence to old guys, just that old are not my thing.

So I kept wandering around getting used to where all the rooms and spas and steam rooms were, going into each one and getting the eyes accustomed to the dark in some play areas like the cubicles and hidden rooms on the side.

There were two large orgy rooms with massives TV's in each showing porn.

Plenty of separate rooms so you could go play privately if you wanted, else fuck and suck in the orgy room if that's what you wanted.

There was a large spa at other end near the open showers, where checking each other out was the 'done thing' lol

There seemed to be a gathering swell as more and more guys were walking around.

I decided to start off in the cubicles, where four cubicles were joined together with gloryholes between each one. I slipped in, locked the door, and didn't take long to wait for others to slip into the other cubicles. Dicks were shove through and so I had to start sucking.... I'd wish I'd brought some poppers, as it would have been even better with those as well... but this was a learning time for my next visit......

I tried to get some of them to fuck me after sucking them but they weren't pushing in hard enough and they'd walk out. Oh well, time to move on and explore somewhere else......

One guy who I was suckin was a tall, lean, hairy chested guy who had lube smeared all over his cock when I went to suck it in the cubicles. He was a sexy lookin guy but couldnt work out the massive amounts of lube - don't like tastin lube so didnt suck it. I had walked around to one secluded room that was partially open and he was with a guy who had his back to me and tall, lean, hairy guy. Hairy guy was fingering his arse, lubing like, so I walked up, was hardening quickly, and slowly slid my hard thick cock up this guy's hole. He moaned, and leant over forward so I could insert more of my pole up his arse. Wasn't long and an audience started swelling around which is ok by me, however, some guys were reaching their hands out to touch me and became a bit distracting when these old cunts would grab my dick while fucking this guy and put me off... so I withdrew my raw cock and left....... but before I did withdraw I gave a quick push in and he screamed in pain - gee hope I didn't hurt him :-P

About 5 mins later I walked past a room with large bed/bench in it and same tall lean guy and guy I was fuckin were in there with door open, I watched and tall guy prompted me to come in. He closed the door behind us and we started on the bottom guy. Tall guy slipped on a condom and started fucking the guy, and he moaned as he was fucked hard up the arse. He slipped out and motioned for me to 'dive in'. He kept talkin to the bottom guy about how he's about to get fucked by a big hard thick dick - mine.... and raw and not needing any extra lube I slowly eased my pole into his arse. He started to moan again and I started to pump his arse slowly at first and every so often give him a hard fuck as I shoved my hard dick back up his arse - which he loved as his moans were loud when I'd give him a hard fuck. I'd then fuck him in quick motions slappin my balls against his arse. Tall guy was also sniffing poppers and sharing with the bottom guy. Luckily he didnt offer to me as sometimes they'll make me go instant soft lol, so I kept fuckin this arse more and more. Tall guy said he was going for a rest and walked out,and so did I.... my dick was looking for arses to fuck but my arse was looking for dicks to fuck it too.

I went into one of the two steam rooms they had. One must have been a dry steam room as other was very cloudy, wet and steamy. I was sitting in here, and a younger asain guy came and sat beside me. He started rubbing my legs and suckin my hard stiff dick. I hadn't cleaned from past fuck so he was cleaning it for me :-)

Then he got up so I could suck him. He had a nice dick to suck so slurped on his cock, tasting the leaking precum. Another guy came over and saw my hard dick so he started on me then. So the three of us were sucking in a kind of triangle on the stepped seats in the sauna. Was hot and steamy, and we'd swap around and suck each others dicks. The second guy that had come over then leaned forward and stick his tongue down my mouth. I could taste precum and his spit as he spat and kissed my mouth. We kept this up for a while swapping sucking cock, and then another guy came over, a tall more sleazy lookin guy and almost shoved one of the other guy's away as he took over suckin my dick. He loved it. He kept suckin and slurpin and I waited another 5 minutes, said I had to get out as the heat staretd to become too much and I needed a break - more like variety and fuck. Wasn't getting fucked so left to find some cock to fuck me.

I went back to the cubicles as there were lots of guys swarming around there. I slipped into a cubicle and sure enough two of the other cubicles became filled too. One shoved a nice thick cock through the gloryhole so happily sucked and made it wet and sloppy so he could fuck my hole. I got him harder and then turned and pushed my lightly spit lubed arse to his knob. He slowly started to push in and fuck it, for some reason my arse was so tight and then finally his cock 'popped' into my arse - fuck it hurt.... a good hurt, but slipped myself off and then took a breath and pushed my arse back on his dick again. He fucked my hole for a few minutes and then slipped out. He motioned for me to stick my dick through the gloryhole so I did and he slurped away making my cock hard and then he stopped and I felt his lubed arse push against my dick. Man it felt good, he was also tight and heard him yell as my cock popped into his hole. He slipped off and then pushed himself back on again, he was riding me like there was no tomorrow. He kept sliding along my hard pole and then he suddenly slipped off. I think he blew...... not long after he opened his door and left.

Man my dick was a raging hard thick cock now and wanted to fuck some more. My arse was feeling good too from finally getting a dick inside me.

I walked past one large room than had a knee high bench right in the middle. One guy was crouched on top of the bench with arse pointing towards the door, begging for cock. He was a youngish lookin guy (well not 75 anyway ha ha) and I walked in and rubbed my cock against his hole. He said 'fuck me', so I slipped my raw dick slowly up into his hole. He moaned and begged to be fucked hard. So I did. I grabbed his shoulders and started to fuck his arse and slapped my balls against his arse cheeks as well. He was lovin this fuck as he moaned and was groaning as well. Taking sniffs of poppers every few minutes as I pummelled his hole. An audience quickly gathered watching me raw fuck this sloppy hole. Again some old dude never gets the hint to "not touch the goods while in fuck motion". He'd put me off again, so I stepped back slowly withdrawing my cock out of his hole. I could feel him twitching as he slid off my pole. I stepped back as my cock was still pointed straight ahead ready to dive in again. There was an almost silence as the guys watched as my hard dick shone with glistening lube in the dim light. I leant against the wall catchin my breath - I knew I was going to fuck him again but the others didn't. They all left thinking I was finished but I waited a minute, slowly rubbing my cock. Once everyone had left apart from me and the guy I was just fucking, I waited and could almost sense a begging for me to fuck him again. He looked around and saw me there, with my dick still hard and wet from his hole. He stayed still, and then he noticed I was walking towards him again so he started to brace himself for another fuck. I didn't take my time this fuck as I quickly and forcefully pushed my dick back up his hole. He gave a kind of 'yelp' as I held my cock inside his hole, grabbing his thighs as I fucked him harder and harder. Once again a crowd gathered, and one guy hopped up and gave his cock to the bottom guy to suck. He started sucking away on this other cock as I fucked him hard, making him bounce on the bench. He sniffed some more poppers and sucked some more. Then that guy left, leaving the bottom guy with just me fucking him.

Then guys started rubbing my body all over, feeling under my balls and my cock sliding into this hole. Why is it these old cunts don't get the message. I don't care they watch, but stopped interrupting...... so I withdrew quickly this time and leant back against the wall watching the bottom guy almost twitchin on the bench, still in the same crouched doggy position. His hole looked open from my quick exit, and was almost 'winking' at me to come back in. Once again the crowd left and I wated, rubbing my dick and went for his hole again. I slowly fucked him, leant over him with my stomach across my back so my hips did all the fuckin action up his hole. One of the guys that was sucking with me in the steam room, had jumped up and pulled mu upwards so while I kept fuckin this guy, he shoved his hard long dick down my throat..... man he was so eager to be sucked... and I found out why... I sucked his dick for ages slurpin up and down as I raw fucked the guy on the bench. Wasn't long and I tasted sperm spilling into my mouth as he filled me with his load. Man it was a tasty load too, and as I tasted him I fucked the bottom guy harder and harder as he snorted on poppers knowing I was gettin even harder again with cum in my mouth and the occasional fingers trying to explore my arse as I fucked his hole.

The guy I was sucking and took his load eventually got down, and left me fucking the bottom guy. I was finding Jesus my arse into his manhole, and grabbing his legs and thighs for better traction. I must have foudn the right spot because I then heard him say "oh my god I'm gunna cum" so I kept pounding him harder and harder as he was stroking his thick cock as I made his hole feel good in the position we'd found. His arse muscled felt like they were tightening as he was getting close to blowing, and then he moaned louder as he spurted his load onto the bench ...... man I wished it was in my mouth..... but I kept fucking him until he his breathing had slowed down. I withdrew and leant back against the wall. There was that hot smell of poppers and cum and sweat lingering after the'd popped his load.

I stayed there and watched him slide off the bench and walk away.

I said to myself, 'well myturn for a fuck now?', so I hopped up and as I hopped up notice his laod was there, waiting for me.... so I leant over enought to slurp up his load into my mouth. I tried to find as much as I could into my mouth and smear the rest on my face.... fucking hot!!!

I then crouched in similar position as guy was before. Wasn't long and guys came in to investigate. Check out my arse, give it a rub, finger it, pull my cock, feel my balls, all exposed for all to do what ever with.

One guy came in, was fingering my hole for a while and then positioned his cock against my hole. I so wanted to be fucked it was unbearable. I'd wish I'd had my own poppers there now, as it would have helped me relax in my 'new fuck enviroment'.... he just got his cock inside my hole and fucked for a bit, but alas wasnt long and he withdrew and left...... god dammit............ fuckin tight muscles...... I spit on my fingers and started to rub them into my hole and push my fingers in to open and stretch my arse muscles.

So, there were a few other things I did at this place within my alloted 3 hours of play before heading back to work. I just wanted to mentioned some things I did :-P...........

Mainly wanted to check out 'no towel' wednesday and I'll be back for sure.... with supplies of poppers and a more relaxed arse...... and now knowing what/how the place works...... it will be even more fun next time!!!!

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2017-03-04T20:41:54-07:00 2017-03-04T20:41:54-07:00 http://forum.treasureislandmedia.com/viewtopic.php?t=1465&p=7761#p7761 <![CDATA[HORNY STORIES AND POEMS • Session 1 : Raw Fuck]]> Hey Guys, please leave me any comments you like, if you did like reading these. These are all true and I love being an exhibitionist for anyone to watch me having sex. This also gives me an outlet for my experiences and love to know if anyone else likes these too!! Daz


I was home alone and no family around. My chance for some raw fuck and suck sessions�. Had hoped some guys had got me hot for some fist fucking session but they didn�t show.

However one guy did show and he was a versatile/bottom. Was hoping for a full on fuckin session in my hole but I wasn�t complaining. He was a cute, lean, hairy kinda guy.

We didn�t worry about waiting for the guys who were supposed to show up so we just started ourselves. We stripped off, put on some Treasure Island Media video and started sucking.

His cock was hard and a thick red knob sitting on top.

He looked so delicious my mouth was drooling. He was more the bottom guy and he saw my inflating 8� cock and went down sucking my dick. He liked to suck dick and I wasn�t about to stop him. He slurped and suckled on my fat cock as I started stroking on his very stiff dick in my hand.

We swapped so I could get my mouth wrapped around his cock. His shiny, precum soaked knob tasted so good in my mouth. My tongue lapped around the knob making him shudder, making sure I tasted and sucked up as much precum as I could. I positioned my tongue so it was trying to dig a hole into the eye of his penis. I would have loved him to start pissing into my mouth but he had just done that so had a small taste of piss mixed with his flowing precum.

We enjoyed sucking each other knobs and length and started one ach other�s balls. He was hairy and I love hairy balls� I stuffed my face deep into his crotch and he slurped away on my shaft. I could feel his spit dribbling down my cock and he licked and slobbered away knowing his arse was about to be stretched open by my fat cock.

He was keen so we changed so he lay on his back with legs spread wide open. I delved my mouth into his hairy crack so my tongue lapped at his hairy hole so I could lube his arse with my spit. Love to fuck a tight hole with only spit and precum as lube.

We had the poppers ready and he had been taking some sniffs while suckin my dick. He took anort snort as my cock waved, hovering around his wet hairy hole. Slowly I started to push my spit/precum lubed fuck-pole into his waiting quivering hole. He started to slowly moan as my cock slowly forced its way into his hole. He was loving my cock open and stretch wide his arse.

I waiting a few seconds for him to get comfy with my dick up his hole and then started to slowly fuck his arse. I grabbed his feet with my hands and held them up in the air as I started to fuck him harder and harder. I ended up pounding that arse and making him yell for more. He was smiling a lot as I fucked him good.

He turned around doggie style and I lapped at his spit/precum lubed hole with my tongue. Dam he tasted so good on my tongue. I then got my cock and pushed in again and fucked him hard doggie style. With some more poppers that he snorted he then bent forward and took the full length of my dick deep into his arse. Fucking love my whole length going deep inside a man�s hole. He pulled off, sucked my dick so he could taste himself and turned and fucked some more.

My turn�. I leant back with my legs open wide. He came over and started sucking my dick and fingering my arse. He moved his face down so his tongue lapped gently at my tight hole. He said he hadn�t been fucked for a few weeks. I hadn�t been fucked for over 12 months. I had guessed my hole would have closed over tightly for good without much fuck action up my hole.
He then moved so his cock was sitting at my hole. I so desperately wanted him to push his cock inside my arse�. And he did. He didn�t waste any time and BAM!!! FUCK I almost jumped off the bed.

His cock wasn�t as large as mine but man, it was hard and he made my hole feel that cock. Fuck my hole hadn�t felt sore and happy at the same time like that for a long time!!

We waited a few seconds as I rubbed my ring with my wet fingers, I didn�t want to wait anymore so I asked him to fuck me again. This time he went a bit slower and then woohooo, in he went. Fuck it felt so great to have a raw cock inside my arse. I could feel the skin of his rub shaft along the hair of my arse. He fucked my deep and slowly, as I lay back snorting some more poppers watching the porn on the TV. Man I was in heaven.

We switched back again and I was so horned up I fuckin pounded his hole again. In the doggie position and then he lay on his back. And of course cramps appeared in my calfs right at the wrong time. I think he wanted to blow so as he lay on his back I reached my fingers deep into his arse and fingered his hole as he pulled himself off.

I watched as his load spurted out over his treasure trail and dribble over his hand and onto the shaft of his cock. I leaned over and licked with my tongue and slurped up the cum from his hairy treasure trail, tasting his seed. He moans as I licked his load. I swallowed as much as I could and the started on his hand and cock and cleaned as much as I could so I could eat as much load from him as possible�.. I smeared my face and chin with any leftover that my tongue couldn�t pickup.

He left, and all afternoon I had his cum drying on my face all day, and kept tasting it with my tongue all day.

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2017-03-04T20:40:26-07:00 2017-03-04T20:40:26-07:00 http://forum.treasureislandmedia.com/viewtopic.php?t=1527&p=8065#p8065 <![CDATA[HORNY STORIES AND POEMS • Sex Club P2]]> the below is part 2 from "Straight Guy and Sex Club P1".
hope you like

Please send me any comments if you like these. I don't hear much back from many but assume you may like by the number of times they ahve been read??




Part II:
The next day, I woke up horny in bed, with my arse still feeling open from the toy play the night before but still not feeling open enough by having a real dick in my arse. About mid-morning I thought about it and worked out a way to go back to KK and try to see if I can at least get one or two more loads down my throat and at least one dick up my arse. If I got one and or even more loads of cum in my arse – BONUS!!!!

I got there and not long after walking around the place to spot what’s happening, and where, in case some action is happening somewhere (always happy to jump in and clean a dick if required). I went to the upstairs level and got into one of the private booths with connecting gloryholes between them all. I stayed for a few minutes as I’d just arrived and had the joint just minutes before outside and now inside getting the eyes used to the darkness and the head feeling the affects of my smoke. Sweet!!! The poppers in my shorts pocket ready for action. The previous day I had arrived to KK in my work clothes. Today I was ready. I had a black muscle shirt, and some casual shorts and no undies, and only wearing rubber crocs on my feet, all for easy removal when time was right.

It wasn’t long when one guy entered a booth. He felt to see if anyone was in my booth and when he felt my hand sitting at base of hole he started taking off his belt and pants and I could see his dick fall out of his undies slowly getting larger through the faint haze of light filtering through the door cracks from outside. He slowly stroked his hardening dick and I put my hand out to feel this warm, just “dried from washingâ€￾ feeling about it. He pushed through his thick dick and my mouth slowly wrapped their lips around this delicious engorged knob. He was uncut and I slowly let me tongue taste around the skin and underneath it. I took a hit of poppers and then started slobbering over a thick knob and very stiff cock. I sucked as I could taste a hint of talc powder that lightly dusted across his dick. Man was I horned up now and sucking slowly and sweetly on his dick. My tongue lapped up and down the outside of his shaft, feeling the veins pulsing and a slight knobby effect of some of the veins popping out as he was so hard. I wondered if I could get him to raw fuck me, so I got up, took of my shorts, got my poppers in my hand and spit on his cock and rubbed it in to help lube it getting into my arse. I tried to push it in and my hole was waiting but yes I was tight. He pulled his dick away and I thought dam he won’t fuck me. Then a few seconds later I could feel his hard erect dick pointing through the hole, and he’d covered his dick with lube. I stroked it a bit and with the lube on my hand I rubbed into my hole for extra ease of entry. I took a sniff, pushed my arse back and could feel his huge knob at my hole entrance. I started to push against him as he held there waiting for me to ride his pole. Slowly his knob pushed past the outer lips of my hole and as he entered me I took another sniff and felt him slide further up my arse. Man it felt so fucking good!! Finally a raw man-cock up into my tight hungry hole feeling it slowly open my arse. Then I could feel a slowly rhythm about to start of fucking when all of a sudden he pulled out. I could feel my arse hanging there open waiting to enter again but I turned and saw he was shaking it as I suspect he blew but blew in his own booth. Fuck it!!! I flicked his hands and dick trying to get the cum off and then wiped his hands on the walls and pulled his pants up and left.

I leaned back against a wall and felt my arse and could feel the lube there and my open hole. He’d triggered an even further desire to get fucked. He’d broken the drought by breaking the key of my tight arsehole. I waited a few minutes as I savoured the moment. Then a few minutes later another guy came in and had his cock out ready to suck. He was a bit like the cock that fucked me however this cock was cut as opposed to the first uncut dick. And this guy’s knob felt larger and he had a big bend in the dick as he got harder while I sucked and slurped on his shaft. He loved me sucking his dick as he moaned and I snorted on some more poppers. I thought I’d try and get this dick into my arse too. I turned and he stayed there as I tried to position his dick at my hole. Again I must have still been a little tight as I struggled to get him into my tight hole. He also put some lube on his dick, and placed it back ready through the hole so I could hop on and ride his manpole. I leant back and took more sniffs while I then slowly pushed back feeling his knob ‘pop’ through my sphincter. Many it felt good. The poppers helped me relax and then I could feel him push further up my hole, just like the first cock did. I let go of my own cock so I could enjoy the feeling of this hard bent dick slide further up my arse. I had hands on either side of the walls to balance me as I yelled out moans of delights as he started to slowly pull in and out of my hole. Then without any notice I felt a warm splash fill the inside if my arse and then a sudden withdrawal of his dick.

I wanted to get down and clean his dick but he too started cleaning up and got away.

Dam my hole (which I had shaved clean) felt great with a warm feeling of cum inside and slowly oozing out and that hot open feeling of now having two big dicks open my hole. I felt around and touched the cum on my ring and brought it to me mouth. Fuck I love tasting cum. Either my own or someone else’s. I cleaned up a little bit from my arse and then closed my ring so no more escaped and I could save some for any more fucks as a natural lube.

While cleaning myself, another guy walked into another booth connected to where I was. I think he was actually there while I was being fucked but didn’t notice him watching. From the shadows I could make out he was a little guy with a small frame, so curious as to what size dick he’d have. I rubbed his crotch with my hand and he unzipped himself and took out his penis and pointed it towards me so I could gain access to giving him a blowjob. His cock was small, about 3 -4 inches, and not very thick, but hey I love sucking dick no matter how big or small. I especially love draining them of cum which also satisfies me even more. I started sucking on his wiener and he was enjoying it. As I sucked his dick I wondered if he got knock backs cause there are some size queens out there who only go for the big ones. Sometimes the big ones are not as good as the small ones!!! So with that in mind I went to town on his cock. I took some hits of poppers and started giving him my deluxe tongue and lips, wet slowly blowjob. He was moaning and shoving his hips around wildly, getting the ride of his life in my wet mouth. It wasn’t long and he was stiff as a board and blowing his tangy, masculine load into my mouth. He kept cumming and cumming and took me a few gulps to get his load down my throat. I kept slowly sucking and with my fingers drained the cum from his still hard dick. Man his cum tasted savoury. A real different taste in my mouth compared to the previous guy. He pulled out of my mouth, adjusted himself back into his pants and left.

I sat back licking my lips and feeling my arse. Cum in my mouth and cum in my hole. Man I felt like a real whore slut. Love it!!!!!

It went quiet for a few minutes then so I needed to get out and search for more while getting some fresh air. I walked down into the open gloryhole area and then were some guys walking around. I walked around down there and backup towards the private booth areas. A few walking around but everyone seemed to be checking other guys out. While walking up the stairs back to the private booth area, a young South American short guy walked past me. Fuck he looked hot and sexy. I thought he’d be way too hot for me and maybe me too old for him. We actually locked eyes on each other and something passed between us like ‘we’re gunna fuck today’….. I kept walking with his eyes still in my head. I chuckled to myself and hope he gets what he’s looking for as I walked away. Knowing I wasn’t going to suddenly pounce on him as I’m sure I would scare him away. Ha ha ha…..

Anyway, I ended up back in the open gloryhole area and waiting for some dick to suck through the holes. I walked out and around as a guy had just arrived with his crotch facing the holes wanting to be sucked. I walked back downstairs, and slowly rubbed his crotch and he undid his fly and let out his warm hot cock. Another uncut dick - love it. I started to slurp on his pole as he got harder and harder. Making sure I taste his man funk under his foreskin. Taking some more popper hits I slowly let me tongue enjoy sliding up and down his pole tasting his funk and musk. He was in business clothes so much have come in for some lunch time fun. He was tall, good looking, strawberry blonde hair, cut very short, with a hint of a five o’clock shadow around his jaw. Man he was fuckin hot. Then he suddenly pulled out and I noticed he was walking around to where I was. He then stood beside me and I knelt down and continued sucking on his dick. I was slurping away and noticed a couple of guys in the same area had started sucking and sharing a cock they had through one of the holes. Man the smell of sex in the room was great!!! I so wanted to bend around and get him to fuck me, but his cock was so tasty in my mouth I couldn’t take it out. I wanted him cum so much. But then he pulled me off his head and said ‘there’s a cock for you to suck’, and pointed to another guy who’d stood there with his pants down and his small soft cock waiting for someone to blow him. He’d pulled up his pants and started to go, so I went over and started to slowly open my mouth and suck on this small limp cock though the hole. It took a few minutes but eventually he started to get hard. I took some more hits of poppers and enjoyed this cock through the hole as it started to thicken and fill my mouth. After about 5 – 10 minutes of enjoying making this guy hard, I then realised how fuckin massive this guy’s dick was. It would have been no joke, a good 11 inches, and about 7 inches girth. Because he’d slowly started to thicken and lengthen in my mouth I didn’t notice how much he’d grown and get stuck in my gullet. I had to do it so I deep throated that now throbbing whopper. I’d had some practice sessions before this dick so now my jaw wanted to open wider and take his cock whole. I pushed further down my throat once or twice and then finally, I started to make myself gag and cough up spit as his knob reached down my throat and hit my tonsils. The back of my throat felt awake and alive as his engorged cock bounced back and forth across the skin as I forced myself down and hard and then out and then backing again. Another hot looking stud was standing next to me watching what I was doing. My jaw needed a small rest, so with my hand on the massive pole I extracted it from my mouth, covered in my spit, and offered it to him. He leant over to start sucking and man did he then realise what a fucking beauty of a cock I was sucking. He started to almost squeal with delight and groans and I thought that’d make the guy cum but he suddenly let go of the dick from his mouth and left. I leant over and started slurping on the spit he had left behind and was surprised how it was going a bit soft, so I used my tongue and licked and nuzzled at the point just at the base of the knob, near the top of the shaft. His big cock liked that as he got even harder again in my mouth.

The guy who I offered his massive cock, had left and gone u[stairs and was almost manic with excitement as he stood behind him and was rubbing him all over while I sucked his cock. I could see his legs and felt his hands rub underneath the balls of the guy with the big cock. I kept slurping away making him harder and he seems to get fatter again. My jaw was loving this big fucking cock in my mouth. I looked sideways and noticed two guys 4 feet away going down one ach other, sucking and slurping each others cocks. They were also hitting the poppers and enjoying themselves. The manic guy came down again and he watched me suck and then I offered the big dick to him again. He pounced and slurped away on my spit and the big dick guy’s precum. He was pouring loads of precum out of his giant knob. This made the manic guy even worse as he was almost yelling with delight. I just stood there almost chuckling as he was trying to get this big dick down his throat. He left again and went upstairs to grope him from up there, but the guy never moved. I started back on slurping his big dick. I must have been there for about another 15 – 20 minutes because by now my jaw was aching, and back of my throat was started to dry out from lack of spit that covered his dick. I stopped for a few seconds, took another hit of poppers which ripped down my dry throat, which sent me higher and floating in my head.
To be able to get this guy to come would mean I’ll need some wet warm mouth and tongue action. I started off again taking extra time to see where he liked my tongue licking the most. I had my hand rubbing along the length, and I grabbed some precum pouring out of my hard dick and slipped it along his cock and knob. Man as soon as I tasted my own precum and then mixed with his, the spit in my mouth flourished. I took another snort of poppers, and this time could easily slide my hand along his shaft while my mouth worked on his knob.

After about five minutes of this I could hear some faint moans from the other side of the wall through the hole and he stiffened up really tight in his cock and I knew he was about to explode. And explode he did. He spilled his seed out onto my tongue, and I waited for more and another spurt slowly followed. I let these loads slowly drain down my raw dry throat, feeling it coat my throat on the way down. I used my hand and fingers to slowly squeeze the veins along his shaft to move more cum up to the top and my tongue lashed out and cleaned as much cum of and out of the eye of his penis.

He stepped away and I moved backwards. My jaw was aching so much, and yet still sexed up and horny from having that massive boner and then his load in my throat.

My back, and jaw needed a small rest. I went upstairs where a giant fan was blowing down a hallway and stood there for a few minutes to cool off. After a few minutes I then wondered around and went into one of the cubicles that had a high bed with thin mattress on top. I climbed up to have a breather and catch my breath. My dick which still hadn’t blown yet was hard and leaking lots of precum. I noticed there were a few younger guys walking around possibly looking for their perfect stunner guy to have sex with. Well good luck!!! And Fuck off……. I then walked out side and stood in the smaller hallways surrounding the private booths. Then out of the dark, the South American guy was standing in front of me. He had those sexy eyes that I had locked with earlier when we first crossed paths. I’m thinking he hasn’t got off yet!!
He put his hand down and rubbed my hard crotch which was pushing a large tent in my shorts. He grabbed it and then nodded with his head to follow him.

Dam I’m gunna like this fuck!!!

We went into a private room with a lower bed and thin vinyl mattress on top. I don’t think he spoke any English at all, apart from ‘big dick’!! He pulled my shorts down and started sucking greedily on my cock. He slurped and licked up all the precum that had dripped down and along the shaft of my hard penis. His cock was about 6 inches long but massively thick. He then got up on the mattress and leaned back while I sucked his dick. He lifted his legs slightly as I sucked on his musky smelling huge balls. Then he lifted his legs up higher, I pulled his bull balls towards his cock exposing his shaved hole to my face. I dived in and licked and slurped on his tight little hole. He held his own legs back so I could pull his arse cheeks open with my own hands. He was loving me licking and slurping on his hole with my tongue. I got his ring so wet, and tried to push my tongue into his hole to share some spit into his arse and also taste his hole. He wanted to get fucked. I got him closer to my hard dick. My cock was leaking precum so I rubbed that on his hole as he moaned and closed his eyes ready for me to punch his hole. I slowly started to push my way in and he nervously opened his hole to let me inside his arse. His moans became louder as he said ‘big cock, big fuckin cock’. In broken English he tried to say something like never had cock this big before. So I stopped, let him relax and tried some more. I did get almost all the way in. He then pulled off my dick and re-positioned himself so he was standing on the flooring leaning over the bench, legs spread apart. I entered him again as his hard dick pointed to the ground. I had to take my time as he yelled with pleasure at my thick cock slowly entering his well lubed hole.

I stayed fully erect inside his warm hole, feeling him stretch open and then close his arse around my dick. Man it felt great. Then he started to slowly fuck and get a rhythm going as I pushed harder and deeper inside his arse. He was moaning and yelling and wasn’t long he was shooting his load all over the floor!

I waited until he’d stopped blowing and then slowly pulled out of his arse. He then quickly jumped onto the bed and felt his hole and feel how open he’d just been with my big dick which punched a deep hole inside his arse.

He was exhausted and then we left.

There were some other spare times where I was sucking dicks and took a few more loads during this time. I just depict the highlights even though I love all cocks and all loads. Hope you liked what my highlights of this trip were this visit to my sex club.

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