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I love it when we see guys using poppers in TIM vids but sometimes the camera doesn't linger ling enough to catch the guy sniffing it is often just after when he is screweing the top of the battle back on. I find seeing poppers being used very very sexy indeed and I can just imagine how randy the guy is feeling after a hit and that it such a turn on.

easy going
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Also love seeing poppers in use. Often have them in hand while I watch porn, and love taking a hit every time I see someone take a hit. Agree that longer views of popper use would be hot.

Like the idea of a youngster experiencing poppers for the first time, introduced to them by a knowing, understanding daddy - watching the kid take his first hit, camera lingering on his face as they take effect, daddy working him over gradually, as the kid takes hit after hit, culminating in a finding Jesus fuck. (Kid should be verbalizing a lot.)

Yeah, I'm hard now...

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Couldn't agree more about poppers and porn, guys.

I also save my pop hits for whenever i see the guys take a hit --- fuckin' hot.....

One of the best I've seen so far is in one of the Dawson Takes 20 (50?) Loads video --- where he lays a big bottle of Jungle Juice on his chest and you can see the juice jumping all around as he's taking one cock after another, and then you also see him taking good, long hits in both nostrils --- fucking HOT HOT HOT.

Wish there was more of it.

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Suggested titles for a TIM video featuring poppers:




ALTERED STATE (not to be confused with the film with William Hurt...though maybe there's a porn star's name there...not Bill, but Dick Hurt?) And this one could also feature other PnP...if that isn't too risky...

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xxcole liked my story line suggestion so much, he sent me a private message with his thoughts. I ran with his ball (so to speak), and he with mine. We thought we ought to share these ideas with our horny friends on the forum. (Paul and Max, welcome to any and all of these ideas!)


Yeah the storyline you mentioned sounds hot, older guy feeding innocent kid his first hit of poppers, watching the guy snort the vapour and then sucking on the older guys cock as the hit works its wonders making the kid suck like a vacuum cleaner. Older guy fingering the kids arse open and deep throating his dick then giving the kid another massive hit of poppers as he tries to work his cock up his arse, the kid swooning with the hit losens his arse muscles and the older guy slips all the way up ball deep.The young kid is moaning and groaning and taking the cock like it's his lifes ambition and the older guy gives him more and more of the poppers, the young kid is lost in his own cock lust now and pulls the older guys arse so that he fucks deeper and harder, all the time the kid is yelping and screaming for cock more and more hot cock until the older guy can't take any more and
has to pull out and make the kid take the spunk over his tongue and down his throat.The kid reaches for the bottle of poppers again and after another hit goes mad like a rabid dog at the dripping cock ,sucking the older guys dick dry lapping his balls and tongueing his arsehole. Close up of kids face smiling and covered in sperm as he lifts his legs over is head and shoots a massive load over his own face and in his own mouth. Older guy licks it off and they kiss open mouthed lapping at the sperm and dreaming of another fuck session.


Well, you got my dick hard, all right!

Here's a possible chapter two: Daddy introduces his boy to fisting. (We might need to see Daddy adminstering a line of coke or an injection first.) The hole that could barely accommodate a thick cock is now sloppy enough for Daddy to slip in his fists, first the left one, then the right, then the left, with boy taking a hit off the popper bottle with every fist change.

Why stop there? Chapter three - piss play. Boy hits the poppers, chugs down piss load after piss load, takes it up his butt, shoots it back out over Daddy's mustached face.

Chapter four - pleasing Daddy's friends. Daddy brings his boy to the local leather bar, already hyper from some PnP play back at home. Handcuffs the naked boy by the right hand to a urinal in the men's room, leaving a bottle of poppers in his left. (Better yet - that mask that Fort Troff sells, to keep the poppers under his nose full time.) Buddy after buddy comes into the men's room, issues the order: "Breathe deep, boy!" and plunges his raw cock deep into the boy's cum-sloppy hole.

Or better yet - all of these chapters in one long, video-length session.

End the video with a warning: DO try this at home...


Like the idea of the handcuffs, would like to see young guy handcuffed d to a bed, two daddies brings him his breakfast, a bowl of dry cornflakes, one daddy gets his stiff cock in young guys mouth, other daddy makes young guy take a strong hit of poppers, whilst he is sucking daddy like mad,dizzy with the hit other daddy wanks his creamy load over the cornflakes.Sucked daddy whips his cock out of young guys mouth and unloads another spermy treat over cum soaked cornflakes. They make young jizz lover eat his creamy breakfast then both daddies (preferably moustached daddies) take turns sucking young guys cock as he hits the poppers again.Both daddies join in breathing deep hits from the strong poppers, they can barely stand up but end up fucking then fisting the jizz boy until he is begging them to cum over his face and in his mouth. They suck the young guy off in the end so that their moustaches are covered in cum and make the young guy lick every drop off. Lunch time cmes and they have another treat for young guy, they have a nice cum ice popsicle that they made earlier. They let young jizz lover lick the frosen ice pop and suck on it till it is running all round his mouth and chin, this aperatif is followd by a cream cake which one of the daddies sticks his cock in and
slides up and down his stiff cock till he is creaming over it, he gives the creamy treat to the young guy to eat.Other daddy is keen to eat young guys arsehole, he takes a can of whipped cream and stffs nozzle up young guys arse squeaaing a load of whipped cream deep.He then licks the creamy arse whilst other daddy feeds young guy with deep itakes of poppers.Young guy's eyes glaze over as poppers open uo his creamy licked arse for a double fucking.Both daddies get their stiff pricks up the young guys arse , one below and another on top, young guy is sandwiched, both daddies have a bottle of poppers on their hands and feed young guy hitsas he is being double fucked.Young guy is in heaven as the cocks shoot their loads up his arse . Dinner time comes and randy young guy is still hungry for semen and cock his mouth is open ready as the daddies both push their cocks into it. They get hold of young guys nipples and pinch them hard, then keep them tingling with a couple of nipple clamps. They have brought with them the young guys supper, another huge hairy daddy with a massive cock, he is wearing a tight cock strap which fits round his cock and balls and he has a funnel which he puts in young guys mouth, he then shoots a load into the funnel and holds it over the young guys mouth so we see the cum dripping onto his tongue. Other two daddies prepare young guy for a gang fuck holding his legs up and his arse wide, they take turns fucking the young guy all sniffing poppers and forcing young guy to take hits as he screams for more cock and cum. They cum soak the young guy and finger loads of cum back into his arse and mouth. The young guy is aching to release his own creamy load, the three daddies now take turns bringing him just the brink of cumming but teasing him until he cannot stand any more.A massive hit of poppers and the three daddies lick the young guys aching prick and balls until he shoots a fountain of juice, they suck greedily at the cream and end up slobbering it all itno the young guys eager mouth.The young guy's partng shot is his creamy mouth still asking for more cock!

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I LOVE the storyline you guys have cum up with!!!

I volunteer to play "Daddy" (or at least one of Daddy's buddies)...just need a hot-bottom "youngster" to step to the front of the line for his role...

I LOVE to give poppers to a hot bottom for the first time....the look of surprised pleasure on a boy's face and how the effect almost instantly opens his hole up is HOT HOT HOT ( I'm hard too!)

Dan Fisk

"To strip our pleasures of imagination
is to reduce them to their own dimensions,
that is to say nothing." -Proust
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Wow...I made Dan Fisk hard!!! (Well, me and xxcole...) Nothing makes me prouder of being a man than making another man hard. Made my day, Dan!

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HOT DAM!!!!!!!! You boys made me so fuckin hard while I'm readin these at work!!! I also love the poppers with hot sex......... I used to visit this guy and he'd always have fresh poppers available to use as we fucked each other's raw holes and blew inside each others arse.

Thanks for all the story lines above guys... more.... more.... more.... and I'd love to bottom for DFisk.............

keep it up guys


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This is a great topic and I hope it can keep going with other experiences shared....I too get a tremendous 'kick' watching Dawson sniff poppers. I too wish that the camera would just linger on Dawson (or any other performers) when the scene includes sniffing poppers as part of the sex play.

This past Saturday (3/3) I was in Chicago at the SteamWorks. I was in the glory holes room watching the action. I had my poppers with me and even tho I wasn't doing anything, decided to take a hit and as the fumes filled my lungs I really got into being right there in that room and enjoying all of the men surrounding me. I started getting hard and my dick pushed through the gloryhole and a hot warm mouth started sucking me. A guy walked up to my side and started touching my shoulders and feeling my back and working down to my ass. He asked if I had some poppers and without saying anything I uncapped the bottle and brought it to his nose and he took a hit, held it in his lungs and slowly let it out and as he was exhaling he was smiling and he brought his face closer to me and kinda said thanks and started sticking his tongue into my mouth. He was so hot. He started gyrating his hips around and I could feel his dick getting hard too. He got behind me and pushed himself between my legs and started rubbing his hard length back and forth, making me even hotter. He asked me softly if he could fuck me...I didn't say anything except I tilted my ass up a little bit giving him access. I felt him reach for his dick to find my hole and while he was rubbing his dick head around my hole, I took another hit of my poppers and then he leaned over my shoulder and I brought the bottle again to his nose, the two of us kinda inhaled together took a big hit and before I knew it he was balls deep inside of me...

So be very careful when you mix poppers and sex!

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Mixing poppers and sex sounds like exactly the right thing, based on that story! Anything that facilitates one man fucking another is a good thing!

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Just a quickie here guys for those of you into this. In DEEPER there are a number of occasions when Dawson is using poppers, and has the bottle lying on his chest so have a look.

Up for no strings sex meets. I'm slim, fit and versatile but prefer to bottom. Group sex and gangbangs my ultimate fantasy.
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Just thought of a new title idea for a popper-centered TIM video:

Popper Tarts

(OK...I'm crawling back into my den now...)

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My first exposure to poppers was pretty much like the fantasy described.I used to cruise a well known outdoor cruising spot in London - i was too young to know what i was doing but curiosity and early testosterone used to take over.

The first time I found a discarded bottle of poppers I didn't know waht it was but one sniff and I knew i liked it. I couldn't buy them but from then on knew what to look for and from then on I always had a bootle to hand when sucking guys. and getting fucked. I used to get totally off my head on them and had the time of my life taking on groups.

From an early age I ahve been inventive with poppers - soaking a small pice of cloth in amyl and then putting it in an empty jar. Letting the stuff build up in the jar and taking a huge sniff of it was my favourite.

To this day (I'm a littel older now) I still get araging hardon when someone gets out the poppers or I smell it on someone.

Love to see more poppers being done in TIM films.

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I love Max Impact, they are the best poppers. I see that Danny the Preacher is doing them in What I can't see #2.

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I wish they would show more tops giving popper hits to their bottoms in more porn ---- that's fucking hot when the top is pushing them on his bottom.

And it's fucking hot when you see men in all their glory with absolutely nothing on or anything else around them ---- except their poppers.

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I will mention this hot "theme" to Paul and the gang the next time I am at the studio...I think it's a great idea and as I mentioned before I would be more than happy to feed poppers to some hot bottoms while I fuck them raw on camera for you guys....Keep the ideas (and the cocks) uh-cumming...Dan Fisk

"To strip our pleasures of imagination
is to reduce them to their own dimensions,
that is to say nothing." -Proust

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