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Hi All

Well here is my last story post for this year. Its fairly long so hopefully it fits within the box below. If not I'll break up into sections.....

Hey Guys, please leave me any comments you like, if you did like reading these. These are all true and I love being an exhibitionist for anyone to watch me having sex. This also gives me an outlet for my experiences and love to know if anyone else likes these too!! Daz


This happened 2 days ago (28 Nov 2007) and most likely my last visit to the sex clubs before Christmas, so I made sure the below was a worthwhile length....

Hope you all enjoy and merry christmas and great new year for all and happy bareback fucking, cum load swallowing and arse felching in the new year!!!

Thanks to Paul, Max, Hank and all at treasure island media for allowing me to post these on the forum.

I suppose its the closest I'll get to being involved with treasure island in some format and enjoying sex for everyone as well. Wish I was part of a real video but hey, I enjoy watching those that can.




At Home:

I had planned to go to the sex clubs today. Had the afternoon off work so about noon would end up at the first place The Den. But while online at home, in the morning I was chatting to an internet buddy who I�ve been wanting to fuck and him fuck me bareback for a few months now � and he lived in the next suburb, just that timing never allowed us to catch up.

I have family living at home now and luckily they went out for about an hour and I let this guy know and within 10 minutes he was at my front door.

However, while waiting for the family to leave, we chatted about him wanting to ensure discretion as he was also attached with a BF. He wanted to walk in and find me blindfolded naked on the bed. I was more than happy to oblige.

He also wanted to watch some of my home made videos of me and two mates bareback fucking each other. I had the films all queued up ready. I stripped down, found a tie and blindfolded myself and waited for him to arrive.

He started up the video when he got to the bedroom and then started stroking my legs. I felt his face move towards my arse and felt him breathe on my arse cheeks. Then he stretched my arse open wide and I could feel his breath and his hot tongue lick and swirl around my ring and wet the hair circling my arse. I could feel the unshaven face rub against my arse and was instantly horny and wanted more. He lapped at my ring and then could feel him start to finger my hole. Slowly he pushed in one finger, then two. He pushed his fingers in deep as he watched the bareback fucking on the screen above our heads. Then what felt like a dildo being pushed into my arse, I raised my arse to receive what ever it was. With this toy or what ever it was, he gradually pushed it in to stretch my hole. He slowly moved it in and out and then I could feel his weight as he had removed the dildo and then I could feel his raw cock start to stretch my hole. It had been a while since I had been fucked so was a bit tight, plus the fact his cock felt so big and fat that he stopped and stretched my hole more with his fingers and the dildo. Then he moved into position again and I could feel the mushroom head of his cock start to penetrate my hole. It went in further this time. He had been stroking his cock for about 3 days and had not blown so he was bursting to release his load. He moved back and then went forward again, this time I could feel the width of his cock slide deep into my arse as my hole finally gave way to his thick cock. I groaned and moaned deeply feeling his raw cock slide down deep into my arse. He started to slowly fuck me and it felt fantastic. Love the feel of a raw cock as it slides along the muscles of my hole. Then he pumped for a few minutes and then I felt the gush and release of his cum on the inside of my arse and on the outside of my ring. He had a huge load and some spilled out onto the bed. But I made sure there was still plenty left in my arse. I reached around and felt his hot load all over my hole and arse, and tasted his cum as I brought my fingers to my mouth. I had the blindfold on the whole time and he left without me seeing his face.

I heard him leave.

I then stood there feeling some of the wet load dripping down my legs. I scooped it up and ate it straight away.

I have chatted to him since and he said he was so horned up that he blew too quickly and next time wants to make sure he doesn�t blow so fast. So I can�t wait to feel his cock sliding in and out again. Blindfolded or not he was a hot fuck.

At The Den:

I hadn�t been to this place for a few months and couldn�t wait to get inside and see who was there.

As I was going in and paying my entrance fee, I noticed this hot guy about 48/49 YO, blue singlet, slight beard also coming in for a play. Then I remembered him from a previous hot session between him, me and another guy� and also remembered he went off with a cute hottie and fucked him in a sling� and I also remembered he had a huge thick fat cock that needed a good servicing. He was also the guy that licked, spat and slurped at my hole for quite some time.

I paid and went in and checked out the gloryhole booths but not much happening there. I went back out to where the open area room was with the lower section allowing multiple guys there to suck off the other guys as they stuck there cock through the holes. I walked in and one guy was there with another kissing on the ramp. As I walked closer, one guy turned and poked his cock through a hole so I could suck it. The guy he was with walked up behind him and looked like he was fucking him from behind as I started sucking his cock. Nice thick cock it was too. And I could feel him getting harder as the other cock fucked his hole. I sucked his cock for about 5 minutes or so when another guy walked in up the ramp to the higher level. It was �blue singlet� man. Another older guy soon latched onto his thick fat cock. I got bored of the guy I was sucking and walked out to watch blue singlet man get sucked off. I walked around so he could see me with my cock hanging out stroking it for him too watch. I walked up the ramp and stood behind him. Then I got close enough to him that he grabbed my cock with his hand. I reached down and started to lower his shorts to reveal his tight white arse cheeks.

I massaged his cheeks while he was getting sucked off. I moved my hand down lower to feel the balls down between his legs. While my hands rubbed his hairy balls I felt he had shoe laces or string of some kind wrapped around his cock like a cock ring. It made his cock thick and dark as the string held in the blood supply in his engorged cock.

I moved my hand and slid in between his arse cheeks. I felt his ring and started massaging. He must have liked that because he started to moan as his cock was being sucked and I was massaging his hole. I then noticed with my finger his ring was not complaining to have my finger down there rubbing his hole. So I gradually inserted my finger until I had one whole finger shoved up his arse. He had relaxed enough for me to enter his hole. Mean while he had his bottle of poppers out and was sniffing away as two of us worked on his cock and arse.

My cock was hard and I moved behind him, gesturing with my cock to fuck him. I leaned towards him and rubbed my hard cock down between his arse cheeks and wanted to replace my finger with my cock. He loved the friction of my cock against his smooth white arse. He then leant down and said something to the guy who was sucking him. I think they wanted a private room.

Dam missed out again!!!!!!!

So they left and I pulled up my shorts and wandered off as well. I walked up to the more private gloryhole booths where two guys can fit in each booth and most had interconnecting gloryholes so you could still see and interact with guys in the other booths.

I walked past one open booth and noticed one then two guys walk into a booth. I quickly went into the booth I was near and closed the door. I then looked down through the hole and within the dark dimly lit light could see it was blue singlet guy and the guy who was sucking his cock.

The other guy must have been about 60 but not too bad shape for his age.

I shoved my cock through the hole and felt one guy�s hand rubbing my cock and then a warm wet mouth wrap around the knob of my pole.

Who ever was sucking my cock made my cock real hard because they were doing a great job.

I wanted to sit back and watch them go for it, so I sat back on a bench in the booth stroking on my cock and watched as blue singlet man wrapped a rubber on his cock. Dam I thought I wanted to be in their getting ready to be fucked again that day.

I watched as he slowly entered the other guy�s hole. I then couldn�t resist it and moved my arm into their booth because I wanted to feel his cock sliding into the other guy�s hole. My fingers touched blue singlet man�s balls and then I reached up and felt the thick cock sliding in and out of his arse. I felt for a few minutes and then sat back watching them move around in the booth fucking.

I was getting too jealous and was just about to leave when I noticed the older guy must have blown as I saw blue singlet man getting dressed and leave.

Now�s my chance.

I dressed as quick as I could and walked down to the open gloryhole room where I was before. I walked into the underneath area and it was so quiet. Then blue singlet man appeared. There was another older guy (70+) also nearby so I knew I�d have to be quick. Blue singlet man was up on the ramp so I knew he must not have blown and was wanting more. I walked over towards the holes near him and he came forward. I started to rub his crotch and he gradually pulled out his thick fat red cock, ready to be sucked. I wrapped my lips around his thick knob and could taste the condom residue left behind on his cock from his previous fuck. I slobbered away on his pole as other guys walked by watching me service this guy�s cock. He had the poppers out again and was having a good snort as I sucked away wishing we�d go to a room and fuck. After a few minutes of making his cock nice and thick and hard, he leant down and asked if I wanted to go to a room. I said �YEAH!!�, and followed him downstairs to another very private room without gloryholes but with the sling attached to the ceiling. Man oh man I thought.

We stripped down until we were both naked. I sucked his cock some more and then he motioned me up onto the sling. I laid there for a few moments getting comfy with my legs up high along the length of the chains. He was not in a hurry and neither was I. I knelt down and spread my cheeks open wide. I could feel his mouth down near my ring and then once, then twice and then three or four times he spat into my arse. Man it felt great as he was starting to lube my arse with his spit.

Then he licked and slurped at my hole and spat some more.

He then stood up and started to finger fuck my hole with his fingers, probing to stretch open my arse muscles. I could feel my ring was partially feeling good from my earlier hot fuck session at home, so that helped to loosen my arse even more for this guy.

He had some poppers and offered me some as well. I took two big snorts and then held the bottle. I was ready. He wrapped a condom around his cock and then lubed his cock and my arse.

I relaxed myself and then felt him grab my ankles as he walked forward and felt him start to push his cock into my hole. Man he was thick. I could feel his knob start to stretch my hole. My ring must have still felt a bit bruised and sore from the earlier one so I relaxed more with the poppers and then after another push of his cock it popped the outer muscles and then slid into my hole.

Fuck it felt great to have a second cock in my arse that day. He stood there, slowly moving his hips back and forth until we were both comfy with him fucking me. We had another hit of the poppers and this started to send him wild. He started to fuck me harder and harder, as I twisted the nipples on his chest. His nipples had a piercing in each one. He loved the feeling of being in a bit of pain as I tweaked and pinched the metal in his nipples. He then leaned over and started to pinch my nipples which made them sore but made me fucking horny as well. I started to tell him to fuck me harder as the nipple pinching continued on my chest.

Another hit of poppers.

I was squirming now as my legs were up against the walls to get a better angle and get his cock deeper into my hole. The sling was almost pushed up against the back wall with my head almost banging the wall. He was fucking harder and getting deeper as he pushed the sling close to the wall.

He slowed down then and slowly moved his hips and I could feel his cock slide against my arse muscles, then we�d have another hit of the poppers and he�d be off fucking my hole harder again. I felt the sling swing hard as my arse felt so stretched and wide with his thick cock pounding my hole.

We kept fucking like this for about 20 minutes. I was in pig-slut heaven cause he pulled out and I started to feel the cum from my earlier fuck session start to leak out all over my arse and then floor. I quickly scooped up some and ate it down.

Blue singlet man wanted a rest so we stopped and got dressed. We had some small chats while dressing. I mentioned I was heading up to Klub Kruise and we may see each other up there.

I saw him head out and just outside the sling room we were in, was a smaller type of open gloryhole booth. I noticed a guy standing up on a ramp with his cock through the hole. I then looked down and saw blue singlet guy was in there sucking at his cock. He then walked out and headed off. I walked in and started sucking on the thick cock stuck through the whole. He had a nice juicy cock, and seemed to have a bit of a sway about him so thought he must have been drunk. I slobbered away on his cock making him harder. I licked and tongued just underneath the knob, a really sensitive part of a man�s cock, and could hear him moan and I slowly tongued that underneath part of his knob head again. Then he pulled out and said to me he was almost going to blow, so I said OK and kept sucking away. He then started to blow and spurt as some went into my mouth and then he pulled out and pulled himself off some more. I could taste some bitter yet tasty cum on my tongue. I savoured and swirled it around my mouth and then gulp, it went down.

That first load for the day down the throat. That made one in my arse earlier, now one down my throat. My hunger for cum then started to get bigger so I headed off to KK as the den became very quiet and no one around.

At KK:

I made my way a few blocks to KK and paid my entrance fee and went in. I noticed a hottie dark skinned guy also walking in ahead of me. He�d be one hot fuck if I could get him. And as I was paying, another guy, late 40�s was coming in to play as well and he knew the guy behind the counter as they started up a conversation, which by the way the conversation went they knew each other.
So by the time I went inside the club, there was no one to be seen anywhere. It was like the place was deserted and no one home.

I figured this must be the lull as the den and KK get the quiet times and then gets busy and then quiet again during the day. I haven�t been at night time yet but I�m sure both would be awesome at night time.

In KK they have three levels. On one level is a massive open gloryhole area. So I waited underneath watching for any guys to walk past and stick their cocks through the holes.

And it wasn�t long. The guy that walked in after me when walking into the club walked up to one hole and leaned his crotch against the hole. I put my hand up and started rubbing his crotch as he watched the porn playing on the two TV�s screen above his head. He then unzipped his fly, undid his belt and jeans and then flopped out his cock through the hole.

I slowly wrapped my lips around his swelling knob. He moaned as I starting slurping away on his cock. Its length was not that long, perhaps about 6� but nice thickness and could easily take his cock down my throat. Wasn�t long and he started to go really hard which I knew he was about to blow so I kept sucking on his pole and he didn�t move and then I could taste the tangy sperm fall onto my tongue as I kept slowly sucking away on his cock. I kept drinking down his milk until it was all down my throat. He gradually started to go soft and he pulled away. But he wasn�t finished, as I stuck my mouth out for more. He moved his hips closer to my mouth and I could see some cum dripping out so I opened my mouth and started a slow clean up and down of his cock. I could taste that bit extra sperm slide along my tongue. I kept cleaning his cock and savouring his sweet taste for another few minutes. He started to get hard again and I kept slobbering away on his length. After a few more minutes he pulled out of my mouth, pulled up his pants and left.

Then I hear the clang of a belt buckle near another hole about four feet away and saw another guy had walked up and wanted to be sucked off. Luckily no one else was there to get him first, so I moved over to that hole and started to run my hand over his crotch. He stepped back, undid his belt and jeans and flopped about an 8� cock (on the slack) and moved closer. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as my mouth began to envelope this huge monster of a cock. He hardly said a word or moan as my warm wet mouth slid up and down on his cock. I figured he was a �straight� guy wanting to be sucked off and dump and go�. So I did.

I slowly slid my mouth along the length of this beautiful manly thick cock. The spit coming out of my mouth help lube any friction caused by moving my head up and down the length. His huge mushroom head started to hit the back of my throat� then I moved my head so his knob was on the tip of my tongue. I then used my tongue to tickle just at the base of the cock head and felt his cock spasm as the tingling sensation sent shivers through his body. I then leaned forward to try to take the full length down my gullet. He got the idea then and forced his cock further through the hole and I held my head still as I gagged on his wonderful pole. He would have been about 25 years old and he was ready to be sucked like he hadn�t been sucked before. He jammed his cock down the back of my throat. His cock cut off my breathing and I stayed for a few seconds, relishing this fine cock deep down my throat touching my tonsils. I slowly pulled away and took a huge breath and slowly went down on his cock again. This time I also waited a few seconds with his full length down my throat. Then just as I was slowly pulling away with most of his cock down my throat he blew his huge load. His load spurted so fast and hard the hot jizz hit the back of my mouth and I felt it slide down my throat, not having much time to taste it. As he slowly withdrew his cock from my mouth, I didn�t want to let go so easily, and was gently sucking the cum out of his cock to clean the juice from the end and the outside of his knob. He finally dropped from my mouth and I saw it swinging in front of me. I wanted to suck some more of it but he pulled up his pants, slowly zipped his fly and left. He was happy he dumped his load. So was I.

There must have been a break of about 15 or 20 minutes waiting for more guys to walk in.

While waiting I noticed another young guy walking around, looked a bit drunk and certainly smelled of alcohol which I couldn�t careless, but he had real trouble seeing in the dark and kept bumping into the walls and into me. He left and then came back again as he looked like he wanted to suck some cock too. So the next time he appeared, he wasn�t that far from me and another guy appeared at a hole wanting to be sucked off. He was there waiting when the young drunk guy stuck his hands up and was trying to undo his belt. Not sure what happened next whether the drunken guy had trouble undoing the belt or something else but he gave up and slowly walked about 2 or 3 feet away. I thought I gave him the chance to go first and he didn�t get anywhere so I thought I�d give it a try. I slowly moved over and started rubbing my hand across his bulge in his pants and oh god, it was almost as huge as the last cock I sucked off. I was in piggy heaven again. I had one load in my arse, three loads down my throat already and now possibly a fourth. I wasn�t going to let any opportunity pass. This new guy would have been about 22. He seemed younger than the last guy with the huge cock. He also acted like a straight guy just standing there wanting to be sucked, dump and go. I wasn�t going to argue. I rubbed his crotch for a few seconds and he started to pull his cock out of his pants. His thick cock started to grow in a length that almost beat the previous cock in my mouth. His cock was warm, and had a great taste of a clean cock that needed a good sucking as well.

He moved forward to push his hard cock deeper into my warm wet cum coated mouth. I savoured his knob head and slurped away feeling the spit and drool running out my mouth and dribbling down his cock. I slurped it all up again. I could taste the slight metallic taste of his pre-cum start to flow. Initially it�s a kind of metallic taste until I realise what it is and it increases my appetite for more cock to suck and the precum coats my tongue. I go the full length of his cock down my throat and slowly withdraw it out of my mouth. I do this a few more times slowly taking his whole length along my tongue and force my head down onto his cock to hit the back of my mouth and my tonsils. I again withdraw enough until his knob was at the end of my tongue and start to tease his cock just underneath his cock head. He also enjoyed this as his cock seemed to stiffen more. I tease the cock for a few minutes and then slowly start to massage his balls with my fingers. His hairy balls were nestled between my fingers as I slowly rolled them around my fingertips. I could feel his cock start to tighten, and I kept at the same action massaging his balls and start to increase the friction of my mouth and tongue on his cock. Then that wonderful sensation started of cum streaming out and pumping into my mouth and across my tongue. I slowly keep pumping along his pole and massaging his balls to make sure I cleaned the cum out and off his cock. He then popped out of my mouth as I watched it swing in front of his balls. I was able to get it quickly back into my mouth and slurp the length for a few more seconds. He then pulled away and pushed his cock back into his pants and left.

Then it seemed to be a quiet patch again. It seemed typical of these places during the day. Needs lots of patience to snare more cock and cum. Mind you I�d probably sit there all day if I had the time.

There was soon another smallish guy, stocky build that looked partially Greek and about 35 years old. He had walked past and kept going and seemed to disappear out the other end of the room. Then after a few more minutes he was back and leaning his hips against another hole looking for a decent mouth to service his cock. I grinned to myself.

I walked over to this hole in the wall and slowly started to rub his crotch. He very quickly took out a small limp cock. Size doesn�t matter to me. I love sucking cock and taking the loads so I always like a challenge to make any cock hard. I could smell the faint odour of some cologne he was wearing and it smelt very masculine. His cock was sticking out and he wasn�t keen to undo his pants all the way down. Just his cock and his balls hung out of his fly. I leaned forward and slowly slid his cock into my mouth. Initially it was about 3� in length. My warm wet mouth slowly moved along his length and could sense he was enjoying his cock in my warm mouth. He was slowly moving his hips in and out and I noticed his cock was growing in length and started to thicken as well. It grew to about 6� and had a nice thick cock to suck. He was very hard after a few minutes. He pushed his hand down through the gloryhole and grabbed the back of my head to force my mouth further down onto his cock. I was able to get his whole length deep down my throat and slurp with its full length down my gullet. We stayed down like this for a few minutes until I needed to come up for air, then went back down for more. I�m a greedy bastard. I love being forced down onto a cock and being held there until I can�t breath and gag and then as I withdraw off a cock there are tears in the eyes and the nose is running. Makes sucking cock worthwhile and makes me hornier knowing the guy likes forcing another guy on his cock. This guy was like that. He kept forcing me down on his cock as he thrust forward deeper with his hips.

Then could feel his hips convulsing as I knew he wanted to blow. He held my head over his cock as he blew his load into my waiting gagging mouth. I spluttered with his cock and cum in my throat and slowly withdrew for some air and then moved back along his length to clean the cum from his pole.

He stayed until I was happy that I got all the cum off his cock and then he pulled away and left.

I stepped back breathing heavily against a back wall as I could taste the loads that now coated my mouth and throat and sitting in my stomach.

I waited a few minutes to get my breath back to normal again. It wasn�t long and I�d have to go but would see if I could find more before I left.

After a few minutes I noticed a tall stocky Polynesian guy was at another hole. He seemed very nervous and gradually he released his cock to let me suck it. It was thin with a huge knob at the end of about a 6� length black cock. He tasted sweet in my mouth and he enjoyed my wet mouth caressing his cock. I sucked for a few minutes and then the smaller dark guy who I saw as I was entering the club walked past and the Polynesian guy was off. I think he had been chasing him for a while. Dam missed that load.

Then along another wall another guy had positioned himself through a hole so I walked over and sucked on his 7� cock which was very thick from the knob all the way down the length to his pubes. I sucked away on his cock and could taste the precum dripping out and slobbered and spit dribbled out on his pole. I slurped this up as I sucked and then he pulled away and zipped up and left. He must not have wanted to blow so quickly yet.

My mouth was feeling a bit sore now so I went up to the next level and tried one of the private booths where some guys were sucking each other through the gloryholes. I walked into one empty booth and stuck my cock through a hole. I felt a hand gently grab my thickening cock and then slowly a warm wet mouth started to envelope my cock. I had so much precum dripping out of my cock that I bet he had a very precum sweet taste when he started to suck on my cock. He slobbered and slobbered away and moved up and down along the length making my cock swell and want to explode.

I had ran out of time and had to go.

I pulled away from him, pulled up my shorts and left.

I like to blow later at home remember what had happened and thinking of all the cocks and cum loads down my throat and the two cocks that fucked my and the one huge load filling my arse hole.

It�s now two days since this happened and my arse ring muscles are still telling me they had a great time.

I sure would love to be a bottom/cum sucking model for Paul Morris.

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