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Hey guys. Just a quick question, that's probably been asked before but here goes. I've liked it when I bottom, but the whole process to get clean beforehand is just so annoying. Is there a way to get clean quick, or stay clean easier/longer than taking a shower with a douche every time? Just wondering. I'd like to be ready to go more often than constantly worrying, etc. Any advice? I'm not too experienced, btw. 27 here. Thanks.


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To be a bottom you need to work, bitch

So clean your rectum, not the whole colon before you get loads.
try and listen to your body.
Water 37C , no pressure. When become to fill full spit it out. Do it again until clean. Wait 15 mins to get the remaining water down, spit it out check if clean.
if not do it again.
Sometime it will fail, thats nature, so suck loads instead

If you have a low no residue diet 2 days before it will help, but it is not balanced and long term healthy ; you are what you eat - be organic

Check also colonscopie preparation, but again you cannot live on this, this is a once every two year cleaning stuff, not week end party stuff. that would damage your pipes

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