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I just google Ty Roberts. Dear Lord he is hot! Can't wait to see him!

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First I've gotta tell you I've got every movie you have made. For me, you guys are number one, Dick Wadd number two, SX Video and Dark Alley and others are distant numbers three and below.

My preferred sexual action, and what I like to watch, involves a group of Piggy men getting nasty, but I prefer that most of them be Versatile, swapping fucks and loads all over the place. One or two strict Tops or Bottoms are ok in a group scene, but I get bored fast if everyone is topping one Bottom, no matter how hot everyone may be.

Oh, and if you could get Kaleb Scott to appear in a movie, I'd be among the first in line to buy it!

Thanks again for making the BEST porn available!

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I once had a guy at a sex club at the end of the night, fuck me sloppy hole but because it was so loose, he actually jerked his cock off inside me.... It was like being fisted and jerked at the same time and it felt incredible.... bet it would look awesome too... I have never seen a porn where a guy does it, so cmon fellas.. get your sloppiest assed pig to have it done to him.....

cock n cum dumpster from being used and abused

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