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I would love to get a daddy vs young man 2 DVD.
DVD 1 daddy fucks boy, DVD 2 boy fuck daddy.
TIM has done some very good scenes on some DVD but I think this theme would deserve a whole movie.

When I mean boys I don't mean these horrible twinks that looks 14, not a sile hair, and so thin that you could see trough. There are maibnly studiis for these.

I mean younsgters that looks like young man...Some hair, some (small) msucle on their grown up bodies, and a slutty ass and a slut look in their eyes.
Ian Jay, Seth (gorgeous slut) , DIMITRI in Manfuck manifesto, HALEEM, JOE ROCCO, MIKE SMITH in Breeding season are a real turn on !!

French bottom cum lover.
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this is my fetish.

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