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<  PORN BOARD  ~  the final taboo to tackle: biological father and son breed!

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Here's the idea:
Gonzo-style introducing actual biological son (19-25ish) and dad (40-50something) even with aliases but with fysical recemblance that would take any doubt away!
Scene 1: son telling how he fantasized about dad and saw him breed one of his mates. (actual scene dad breeding one of his friends)
Scene 2: son and dad tell how they crossed the line. (actual scene: dad breeding his son)
Scene 3: son telling his dad his fantasy about being whored out to his dad's mates. ( actual scene: son being bred by dad and his mates in a gangbang)

Lots of verbal thrown in, sharing dna, felching, ....
The controversy would be huge. Moralists would have a field-day, but the whole dad-son community would lap it up!

There must be at least a couple of dad/son teams out there, who would be up for it!?

I would be one happy puppy!!!!
Other guys into it? Anything in the works like this?

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The father son story line would be FUCKING AWESOME! Hope someone there is keeping this in mind as models come in and out and letters come in, you never know

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Find me the father and son and I will shoot it - LOL

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