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TIM movies are the absolute BEST [period!] The fucking [in every imaginable way...], sucking, rimming and other action in TIM movies is so incredibly raw, gritty, and as true-to-life as it gets. I dislike immensely the primed, primped and pumped crap featured in other gay porn films [porn-light].

Above all, I am a self-confessed "POPPERS FREAK"!!! I absolutely LOVE to get fucked, sucked, rimmed and pissed on while hitting the poppers bottle. This is especially the case while I'm watching hot guys in porn flixxx doing the EXACT same thing. I get super-horny along with a raging hard-on INSTANTLY when I see guys doing poppers in film.

I don't seem to be alone in this fetish either, in that many of my porn buddies like to watch other guys doing poppers too. Notice all the "POPPERS TRAINING" videos cumming out recently! It's like we get the chance to [physically connect] with the characters on screen for a brief moment when we take poppers hits along with them. We feel exactly what each other feels exactly at the same time. That warm, lusty, depraved, deeply erotic, euphoric, nirvana feeling that only poppers bring about.

I just want to ask all the creative forces at TIM if they would create a poppers themed movie featuring OVER-THE-TOP poppers use; where all the models are sniffing poppers like mad-men [taking hit-after-hit of poppers], all while they are fucking, sucking, rimming, cum swapping, and pissing ON-AND-IN each other. Call it "RUSH", "HEAD RUSH", "HUFFING!", "HITT'N IT", or simply "POPPERS"! Please get busy filming it.

And for the other POPPERS lovers like me, I'd greatly appreciate receiving a list of your favorite TIM flixxx with guys hitt'n the poppers.

Not my personal links,but fukk'n LOVE these poppers blogs:

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sex is about connecting with people, no connected with a poppers bottle and video actor :twisted: :twisted:

French bottom cum lover.
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We all view life through our own lenses. To each their own my friend. Live and let live freely without judgment and condemnation! :D


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