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Director: Pony Hunter
Producer: Paul Morris

Drew Sebastian
Jack Allen

Blue Bailey
Blake Daniels
Dominic Sol
Chris Perry
Danny Blue
James Roscoe
and more!

Released: June 2013


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I love rimming, and enjoyed this video, but I discovered something about my own preferences after watching "Butt Snack." Eating an open, just fucked hole is best of all, not to mention finger-fucking and then licking my finger.

Make a "Butt Snack 2" but instead of 100% rimming, make it about 90 percent. Have just enough fucking to open the holes up, and to have ass-to-mouth and felching--these can all be part of a truly phenomenal rimjob, and are all a joy for any lover of assjuice.

Plus throw in a rim-chain of 3 or 4 guys at least, plus one ass getting eaten by two or three guys sharing.

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in fact i would dildo fuck ass, open them with a speculum, drain some sperm bags in it; when the cum has warm up, then felch it to death :twisted:

French bottom cum lover.
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