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Director: Max Sohl
Producer: Paul Morris


Marcus Isaacs • Flynn Evans • Erik Grant • Antonio Biaggi • Rafael Carreras • CutlerX • Ray Dalton • Shane Frost • Adam Russo • Luke Thomas • Tony Bishop • Billy Blanco • Sam Bridle • Drew Dangerous • Sean Parker • Jin Powers • Jax Pratt • Champ Robinson • Paul Steele • Jason Stryker • Rob Yaeger


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Marcus Isaacs, is insanely hot, and I'm so glad to see he's a fuck-hungry cumslut. I love it when my favorite "mainstream" pornstars go crazy bareback. I'm looking forward to adding this one to my collection.

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Just watched scene 1 with Marcus and Flynn. Beautiful cock, beautiful hole, beautiful guys well-photographed. Love the way Flynn is a crazy-hungry rimmer. Love the way they kiss while they fuck.
Too bad they had to close the drapes. I would love to see an entire scene (or a whole video!) shot the way this one starts out--one camera in the room with the guys fucking, and another one down on the street shooting through the window. I guess you didn't want to get arrested, but still, that would be crazy-hot.

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Incredibly horny DVD... Lotsa hairy butts and sloppy cum holes...what i love!
OMG lets talk about Shane Frost...he is a god! and a really little agressive piggy top too. He has a cheeky smile, which goes to show that people who smile nicley will also rub cum from your fuck hole and smear it on your face and make you eat it... looooooooved when he did that to Marcus.

He would be more than welcome to breed my fuck hole anytime he wanted... :D

cock n cum dumpster from being used and abused
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I love marcus hairy ass...that make a change;.. he is our hairy dawson...

French bottom cum lover.
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Love the scene where the many loads are being "injected" into Marcus and he says "Thanks to the Treasure Island fans!"... I wanna know where was my chance to donate a load for that moment?? I must have missed it :-)

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