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I'm not sure whether you have notifications on this Max, but if you happen to see this - honestly, when on earth is this going to be released??!! I must've checked the TIM site every day for the last few weeks, and still nothing!

The releases used to be consistent and monthly without fail (the only 'new' release we've had since September last year was Fuck Off Homo, and that was in November. I know you've re-released some old stuff, but it's hardly enticing to anyone who owns most of the TIM catalogue. And I know you don't have a shortage of porn either, because you guys constantly shoot tonnes of it!

So if you guys could hurry up and release some new stuff, I'd be a lot happier (and hornier!).. :)

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haha oh now happy you are so excited for new TIM porn

it's coming for you! soon.

we never released a new movie once a month c'mon

back in the day it was every 3 months and then when Liam started making movies it was more like every 6 weeks or 2 months...

We Are Coming For You is coming
Liam has a new movie coming
Pony Hunter has a new movie coming
I have a new movie coming

I just don't know the exact dates for any of them :) Soon!
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all these porn queens are hysterical for more :twisted:

so when is the released date of yours and Liam's? acn't wait :roll: :roll:

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i watched this so hot!

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