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Directed by: Paul Morris
Starring: Dawson, Sean Storm, Jesse O'Toole, Lee Clifford, Joe Sarge, Axle Powers, Marc Hamilton, Troy James, Zak Raven, Jynx, Ross X, Andrew Saks, Big Vinny, Rod Fulton, Peter Parker, Robbie Wood, Steven Trotter, Billy Fish, Deek, Conner Madison and More!

Released: October 2004


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One of the hottest movies ever, IMHO...and by far the best movie name ever. I always go to the Bonus section, so I can watch the fuck party in full screen. My fuck buddies also enjoy this movie more than most others. Although my 5 disc changer always has 3 or 4 TIM dvd's in it!

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Amen, brother! I always go to the bonus scenes, too, especially if I only have 5-10 minutes to blow a load. The Man's Country scenes - especially the last one - is a guaranteed nut buster for me. Maybe because it involves "civilians" interacting with TIM men - many of us fantasize about that. For the same reason, love the stairwell fuck scene.

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Yes! The stairwell fuck in Cumsloppy! It's a dream cum true. Lucky, lucky Dawson to nuzzle and taste Vinnie! That's prime, salty, hairy daddy beef. Vinnie is fully equipt with a lip-stretcher, gullet-filling dick to drain and then keep you satisfied. He's a fuck stud, too. The kind of man you want to bred by who can teach you want man-lovin' is all about and what cock-lovin' is worth. He is truly to be savored. Vinnie's scratchy-looking whorls of chest, gut and bush hair (those nasty naps) spring an instant boner. And in that biker's cap he's dangerously hot. More Vinnie on the stairwell, at a gloryhole, in bed, in person or the star of his own dvd.

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This flick is so damned hot. I find all the scenes hot.
The gangbang in full screen is hot. But it can also be fun to do the split screen version of the gang bang. I have a 60" widescreen tv. Zoom in and it looks really hot.

I also had the split screen up at a play party and it was hot.

The stairwell fuck makes me weak, so freakin hot!

Keep it up guys!

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I’ve been to Manscountry in Chicago many times and it’s a hot little raunchy pig den. There are a lot of hot guys that bareback there and usually can be a sleazy night.

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sean storm is sooooo hot. i love to watch him getting fucked again and again. he is the man for me in the movie .

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I found it at a video store just outside the Castro and was hooked immediately. Now I've got probably 12-15 of the bareback titles and no one else's vids do it for me anymore.

Treasure Island Videos: A good reason to give those other crappy videos away to friends and free up needed storage space in the nightstand!

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sean storm is sooooo hot. i love to watch him getting fucked again and again. he is the man for me in the movie .
Any plans to bring Sean Storm back? He was hot in that video. It would be great to see him as a bottom's bottom too.

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i liked to watch sean storm sooo much, he is such a nasty guy!!!! and handsome!!!

can you tell more about the bonus scenes? i havent had the change to see them. whats going on there and where and how many guys?

how many guys did sean fuck in the video in general?

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If theres a scene that makes me shoot everytime its the amazing footage in the group scene when Sean is getting fucked on all fours, and the top pulls out and cums over his hole, with the assistance of Dawson and someone else they catch what misses his hole and proceed to then push it back in. The close up of the guys fingers trying to push this amazing amount of cum back into Seans hole just sends me mental. So fucking hot. And then to watch Dawson then felch the rest of it will guarantee this to be my favourite cum shot ever. PS Its nice to see more felching scenes in all the new movies. Its so primal that a guy should suck the cum out the arse he just blew in and then share it with the guy he just fucked. Fantastic!!! :D

cock n cum dumpster from being used and abused
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this was the first TIM video that I owned and I so love going back to re-watch this again and again...... Sean loves the cock and cum up his arse.......... great to watch and seeing Dawson felching his hole... man that gets me each time... pop goes my load.......

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