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Directed by: Paul Morris
Starring: Ty, Joe Sommers, Nick Piston, Chad, Caedon Chase and Many More!
Includes: DVD Extras and Cumshot Compilation!
Released: October 2005


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Is the guy named Trey, Trey Maddox from HDK movies? If so, he would be a hot bottem to take on a dozen loads for one of your movies.

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Yeah, Trey is cute, but, he's looking a little long in the tooth.

Great scene though. reminds me of my CA days. LOL

By now, I have watched this DVD a thousand times and in my opinion the hottes scene is still the opening scene.

I don't usually go for hispanic dudes but, that is one hot hombre....
the cock sucker.....not so hot.....but the hermano makes good use of his mouth......

still gets me off.


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I love this movie! I've watched it over and over, My favorite scene is with Rhett and Tom! Is Tom in any other movies? He's hot!! Great cocksucker!!

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