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hey Guys!
I, like tens of thousands of other guys are a faithful follower. My favorite video has always been "Loaded" because of 99% internal cum shots. Is there a "Loaded"
part two int he making?
Just curious!
Thanks for the awesome Vids!
Funny you should ask, because Paul Morris just told me we're working on something soon that's going to focus on more INTERNAL CUMSHOTS. It's not going to be a Loaded Part 2 though. The interesting thing to keep in mind however, is that we never direct our men, we simply document them doing what comes naturally. REAL & RAW!!!

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Dawson famously wants every cumshot possible deep inside him, and not outside. Understandable. But I wish that he weren't so greedy and stingy with the felchers in the world. :)
After one of his "Weekends" his ass must have been overflowing. A felcher's dream! But we never got to see him giving any of it back. I remember writing a frustrated fan letter to TIM regarding the scene wherein Dawson hits the shower with a funnel in his ass, the better to take piss and some more cum. "Why didn't anybody get to felch it out?" I whimpered. (It happened again in "Meat Rack." At least in "Deeper", Jake was lucky to get some nice felching in, as well as ass-to-mouth on Jerry Stearns right out of Dawson's hole...)
Dawson was--is--sensational. His insatiable hunger for cum is as endearing as his great physique and his charming smile. Now, just remember to be polite to any felchers in the room, and let some cum back out and available!
Maybe this should be directed not at Dawson but at TIM. Invite more dedicated felchers to your shoots, and instruct your gangbang bottoms to "let it flow" for them :twisted:

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