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PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 3:15 pm
Posts: 7 Joined: Mon Jun 04, 2007 6:03 pm
I went to this sleazy adult book store on the side of the highway last night in Woodbridge, NJ. The back room had what they called little video booths, but the the booths were separated only with little curtains. So guys were blowing each other and there were 3 or 4 guys in 1 booth. I went in and started sucking this guys cock, but I knew I needed some seed in my tight hole, so I let the guy working the front counter come back and stick his hard uncut cock in my hole and fuck me hard till he shot his warm cum load inside me. My ass is built to fuck!

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 4:04 pm
Posts: 2 Joined: Thu May 31, 2007 6:27 pm
i'm built to fuck because i will use any fuck-hole and dump my cum inside no matter where i am--at the grocery store, in a park, or my personal favorite, at church. my jock is ripe from my cum and his sweaty asshole.

because you know i have better sex than you.
PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 10:21 pm
Posts: 2 Joined: Sun Aug 12, 2007 9:57 am
I'm pussy, his toilet. Loads, piss dumped into either hole. Afterwards is the best part- I hold him. What makes submitting so satisfying? It’s my choice. KNOWING I’m on equal ground.

THAT'S true love. For years I get to have and eat my cake (with baby juice instead of frosting.)

PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 10:56 am
Posts: 1 Joined: Sun Aug 12, 2007 1:47 pm
Fucking hard is all I do all night long
Thinking how hard I can fuck you with my huge rod
Thrusting deep and hard your tight hole
Pounding it to your lusting desire
Exploding deep inside
Creaming your rose bud hole
Realizing I’m built to fuck

PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 3:25 pm
Posts: 49 Joined: Sat Aug 11, 2007 6:48 pm
Ride the Curve: Damn nice shot, thanks for sharing. :D

PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 8:41 pm
Posts: 1 Joined: Sun Aug 12, 2007 3:34 pm
I’m BUILT TO FUCK because I’m a boy-fucking, man-fucking pig. Addict for mancunt, boypussy. Finger, eat, rub, suck, slap, punch, fist, fuck, piss and cum in your hole. Breed baby, breed. 7.5, uncut, fat latin cock to fuck you up, knock you up, oozing my jizz from your slimey hole! :twisted:

PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 8:58 pm
Posts: 1 Joined: Sun Aug 12, 2007 8:24 pm
I'm build to fuck
although almost out of luck
as your site
put up a figth
and did not want to let me in

I'm built to fuck cause I'm equipped to fuck
My Big Black Uncut Rod will fck your hole ooohhh so well

big black hung uc 9" power drill 4 hot holes
PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 9:49 pm
Posts: 1 Joined: Mon Aug 13, 2007 8:14 pm
I was built to receive
the cock to fill my aching need.

My mouth, the cock it primes
My hole pulsates, the cock dilates
My hole anticipates
the cum sublime.

Spit, piss, and cum indeed
balm to sooth the fuck lust need.
Treasure Island Videos, the stimulant I need.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:27 am
Posts: 569 Joined: Fri Feb 17, 2006 12:47 pm
for me being build to fuck is to have his hole ready to welcome any man cock in any occasion, any places, any moment, and know I have acheived this status when I hear the cum splashing on the floor with the guys pulls out after having pushed further and further his load.
Alternatively, when I eat a mans'hole and that gets me hgard within seconds, and then i pull in his warm and sweaty hole and upload a nice dose of sperm

French bottom cum lover.
French BB chat :
best Paris sex club:
PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 4:12 pm
Posts: 105 Joined: Thu May 11, 2006 3:36 pm
[Not a contest entry]

I haven't done an actual word count, but I think the last three entries are way over the 50-word limit. Are these guys disqualified, or do they get a chance to edit it down?

And just a suggestion...

Perhaps you should offer a second copy of the video to a group who submits their contest entries on video, along with (at Paul's discretion) a screen test?
I should probably be a stickler for the rules, but I'm hoping guys were so passionate about the contest that they lost track :lol:

PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 4:27 pm
Posts: 105 Joined: Thu May 11, 2006 3:36 pm
Congrats to


the lucky winner of our BUILT TO FUCK contest (picked by Paul himself) and a free copy of BUILT TO FUCK!!!

Thanks for your entries, and keep watching for our next sick contest.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 5:36 pm
Congrats nashtrash28

we'll all have to buy our own copies now.

can't wait until it arrives at my door....

PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 10:20 pm
Posts: 551 Joined: Sun Jan 29, 2006 10:53 pm
Went away for a week, and have just now read all the contest entries I missed while I was away. Looks like the muse of poetry struck big time. Perhaps you should publish the poetical entries in a special little pamphlet, to be included in a future video. (I submitted no entry, but could also contribute a poem or two for the occasion...have had poems published in the no-longer-available Waterboys publication.) You might also consider having a "poetry reading" of some of the entries, either by some of your stable of stars, or even (Youtube-like) by the authors themselves, to stream on the website!

PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2007 4:02 am
Posts: 3 Joined: Thu Aug 09, 2007 3:55 pm
Thank you everyone. There was some real competition out there, and i had my hesitation so use a simple ABCB rhyme scheme in a double quatraine. But, in the end I guess stickin with the basics carried me home.
Next time though, I'm bringin the fire...maybe a little anapestic tetrameter, yeah?
a little... And while some like it raw and balls deep in the stink/
I ask only this: that your cum I may drink/
But if seeding my hole is too much to resist/
Be sure that you leave enough room for your fist/

I dedicate the first load i shoot to you guys. if you're ever in nashville, let me know and you can come shoot a load in my...honor....or whatever.

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