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Hi All

I am a bit of an exhibitionist and like to tell all about some adventures I've got up to either with my mates in a group or just into some of the sex clubs around town.

If anyone interested I do have a few more older stories I can post here as well if you'd like to read them.

The below is the lates one that happened last week.

Hope you like


Hey Guys, please leave me any comments you like, if you did like reading these. These are all true and I love being an exhibitionist for anyone to watch me having sex. This also gives me an outlet for my experiences and love to know if anyone else likes these too!! Daz



Had been a while so a mate and I ended up at KK sex club, which had easier parking and luckily more people and younger crowd.
The place was dark as usual until the eyes could start to see in the dark again. I walked up to the main gloryhole section on the first level and could see some people in their eager to suck some cock so I unzipped my pants and stuck my stiffening cock thru one of the holes. A cold hand started rubbing my cock and then felt the warm spit mouth start to wrap itself around my thickening cock. It had hardly been two minutes that I had walked into the place and already my cock was down someone gullet. Then I felt another mouth start to suck on my cock as well, slobbering all over my cock�s full length. Then it suddenly stopped. I waved my cock around in the gloryhole waiting and noticed a guy walking around and standing behind me watching me with my cock thru the hole.
So I pulled my cock away from the hole and stood beside him with my stiff cock there for him to see. He grabbed my cock and asked if he could suck it. I said �yeah� and he led me to a private booth.

As I walked into the booth I slipped in something liquid on the floor. Fresh cum!!! I wanted to lean down to lick it up but I had a fresh man cock waiting to be sucked with me in the booth. We both slipped our pants down and I sat back on the vinyl bench seat in the booth. In a few seconds he was down and had his wet lips wrapped around my thick cock. I leant back and enjoyed him sucking away and my juicy cock. I could feel the precum flowing and pumping as my cock throbbed and he lapped it up. He grabbed some amyl and had a sniff and I had some too. He stood up and I saw his big thick cut cock waving in the front of my face. I was drooling as drops of precum leaked out.

I swooped down and took his cock in my mouth. Took about two inches at first to savour his precum, then slowly swallowed him all the way down his nine inch stiff thick cock. His cock hit the back of my throat. Another time for some amyl. I came up for air, took a sniff and went back to his cock again. Man he moaned when he took another hit of amyl and I swallowed the full length of his man pole.

He pulled away and wanted to suck on my cock some more so I leaned back on the seat and let him swallow my cock all the way down his throat. He licked and dribbled his spit all over my cock. It was awesome. More amyl. He swallowed down my cock again.

He then stood up. He was ready to blow as he stroked away and let fly with his cum all over my crotch. I could feel his cum hit my cock and pubes above my cock. He had a big load and some was splashed on my shirt as well. He then pulled up his pants and left.

I then pulled up my pants and felt a cool liquid on the inside of my jeans against my thighs. His load was so huge about a third hit my cock and groin and the rest of his load he�d poured down the legs of my jeans so I felt the cool liquid of his cum (I scooped up some to taste it) against the hairs of my leg and skin. I rubbed it some more to smear it thru and the salty smell wafted up.

The smell made me so horny I went out looking for more cock and cum.

I went to check to see how my mate was getting on and he was in a small booth connected to four other booths with gloryholes between each booth. Hope he was getting come fun in there.

It had gone quiet so I kept wandering around some of the floors and eventually ended up at the main gloryhole room and found my mate in there. I was quietly chatting to him when a guy walked up and stuck his cock thru the gloryhole. I was down and saw his cock so naturally, slurped his swelling cock into my mouth. It was uncut and had precum leaking under his foreskin. My tongue lapped up under the skin and savoured the flavour of his man meat.

I kept sucking and slurping on his cock and it reached a hot size in my mouth. He would have been about 7 to 8 inches in length and nice and thick. After about 10 minutes of lapping at his cock, he leaned down and asked if we wanted to go to a room. Of course I said yeah as I wanted more than just his cock in my mouth. My arse was itching for a pounding and his cock would have fitted nicely in my hole.
We found a room that had a large vinyl covered bed. We both stripped down naked and he also brought out his small brown bottle to take a sniff. I pounced on his cock again as he sat on the bed and he leant back with the amyl stuck up his nose for a full hit. He moaned and groaned as I slurped on his cock.
I then stood up and with my hard cock put it towards his mouth as he was sitting down and he swallowed it down his throat. I fucked his mouth hard and he was still moaning enjoying my hard thick cock down his throat.

We then laid down in the 69 position. I could smell the masculine scent of his cock and balls so I leaned further over and swallowed his balls into my mouth as he swallowed my cock down his throat. As I was licking his balls, his exposed arse wafted up and his ring was almost winking at me for attention. So I leaned further over again with his mouth sucking at my balls as my tongue gently lapped at the blonde hairy ring now at my nose. That musky smell of a man turned me on even more. With another hit of amyl again he went back to my balls as I rimmed his hole. My tongue slowly stretched his arse muscles and gently pushed his ring wider and wider so my tongue could push inside and I could slide my tongue along his ring and taste his skin and arse.

I couldn�t take much more and wanted to fuck his wet hairy arse. He sat up with his legs stretched wide as my hard cock was pointed to his hole. I had the head of my cock poised to enter as he stroked away on his hard cock pointing at his face. My cock head just entered his hole when he blew a huge load over his stomach and cock. Dam I couldn�t leave the cum there to dry so leaned down and cleaned his cock, sucking in the juices that he sprayed over his hand and cock. Once that was clean I leant forward onto his blonde hairy stomach and slurped up the jizz that he had blown on himself. He had sweet musky flavour to his load and tasted great. I ate as much as I could. He then collapsed and wanted to go. We got dressed, kissed and hoped we�d meet up again.

My cock was leaking so much precum now, that�d I�d reach down, wipe it on my hand and taste in my mouth and swirl it around with the cum that was there from the two guys already.

I walked around the club again searching for more, and ended up back at the main gloryhole room and found my mate was watching two guys fucking. We could watch out the hole and see at eye level one guy bent over with another guy fucking the cum out of his arse. He left and now I wanted to be fucked badly but would have to wait as it went quiet again.

I eventually went to the small booths and shut myself into one of them which were connected to four other private booths. I was there stroking my cock when one guy entered one of the booths. He signalled for me to push my cock through and he hungrily slurped away at my cock. He ate and sucked my cock for a while and then I wanted some too. So I pushed away and he was ready to stick his stiff cock thru the hole. I slurped and sucked on his leaking cock. I could taste the precum oozing from his cock. Another uncut cock with a hot taste under his foreskin. I sucked on his cock for ages as well, and then I turned and wanted his cock to fuck me. I could feel his cock at my entrance hole and felt my spit on his cock and slowly pushed back on his spit lubed cock. I rubbed some spit into my hole for extra lube and felt him slowly enter my hole. He fucked for a while and pounded my arse, then he pulled out and I knelt down so I could clean his cock. His cock tasted hot with my spit and my arse juice all over his cock.

He left.

We could only be here at the sex club for a short time as we were on lunch break so we had to go.

The blow I did later that night was so huge as I thought of all those thick cocks and cum taste in my mouth and the nice cock slowly fucking my arse.

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