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Hey there

if you've enjoyed my stories/adevntures so far, there was one I posted a few weeks ago on the below post.... the lick will point to another story I posted in case some hadn't seen it yet.

cheers.. and enjoy sucking cock, swallowing spermy loads and feel a nice thick cock slide in your hole

Daz ... .php?t=882



Walked into The Den and went upstairs to the open gloryhole area.
There was one guy getting his cock sucked through one section of the gloryholes. He motioned for me to come up and join him. So I pulled out my hardening cock and started stroking off. The guy that was giving him a blowjob then switched to my hard cock. So he started giving me a good blow job and the other guy started unbuttoning my shirt and jeans. He leaned forward and we pashed with tongues deep down each other’s throats. We did this for about 10 minutes when more guys walked in and started watching and stroking their crotches.

One guy watching us was about mid-40’s with tall dark close cropped hair and a hot goatee on his chin. And he looked like a typical truck driver with his blue singlet and hairy chest and had a hot slim body. I saw his cock which had a shoe lace or string at the base tied tight which made his cock so hard. And the cock he had was super thick and looked tasty. So down I went as I was sucked off by the guy through the gloryhole. I could only get about two inches into my mouth (at first) and sucked away slowly letting my tongue and mouth get used to this fat big cock.

Meanwhile the truckie had his down on my nipples and was squeezing them hard. He’d be pinching those nips so tight I’d be groaning as I sucked his cock. After about 10 minutes of sucking his cock I came up for air and the three of us kissed passionately together as our three tongues tried to deep throat each other and licking each other’s tongues.

I then went down on the first guy and as I bent over the truckie kneeled down and got ready to rim my arse. I started to slowly suck the guy when I felt the truckie’s warm spit in my hole. Then felt his tongue licking and teasing at my ring. He started slowly licking up and down then gradually increased his intensity until his mouth was covering my arse crack and his tongue deep down my stretching arse hole. He’d spit every now and then to lube it up some more as I deep throated one guy and another guy trying to suck my cock or hand stroke my cock. Then guy I was blowing would pull me up while truckie guy rimmed me and we kissed with our tongues deep down our throats.

I turned and wanted more of the truckie’s cock so stood him up and I knelt down. I started again on his thick cock and noticed I could swallow his cock whole and felt it touch the back of my throat. I could taste his precum on the back of my throat which made me groan with pleasure. I suckled his cock for ages this time. Meantime with my arse wet from his rimming and spit, one guy had his fingers massaging my wet arse. He’s started with one, then two, then three fingers slowly pushing into my hole. He partially fisted me as I sucked on the truckie’s cock. More guys were walking around watching us as the four of us played and sucked and kissed with each other.

After about 40 minutes we stopped for a breather. I went off to get a drink of water and came back and guy originally was sucking was there. He had to go but wanted to blow. I asked if I could swallow his load so we went to a private booth and I knelt down and he stood over me jerking his cock over my face. He blew his load and it sprayed my face and I had to reach up with my mouth and filled my mouth with the rest of the cum straight from his cock. I licked up the cum from my face and he left. I kept licking until no more cum on my face and hands. Tasty!!!

By this time there were hardly any more guys there so went to another sex club a short walk away.
I walked in and there were a few guys walking around as well. I went to another open gloryhole space and had my cock sucked on for a while getting it nice and hard again. But I need to be fucked.

I walked into another section that had private booths but gloryholes between the booths. I waited and this one hard cut cock about 6 inches poked through. I started to suck hungrily and greedily in his cock. He had some amyl and so had a sniff and went back to sucking. He was hard and had lots of precum dripping out of his hard cock. I was stroking my cock with my pants fully removed ready to be fucked. I sniffed some more amyl while sucking away. I then got up, turned and faced my arse over his cock. He stayed still while I slowly allowed his hard cock to insert into my wet arse. He started to slowly fuck my hole once he knew he’d gotten inside my hole. I stayed still as he fucked my hole with his see-saw action. Felt so great having my arse stretch open with his hard pole sliding along my wet tight ring. He started to get faster and faster and then would slow down. I’d turn around and suck his cock harder again with some amyl up my nose and then once he was so hard I quickly turned for him to start fucking me again which he did. He pumped a few more times and then dumped his load of cum. Meantime I couldn’t hold back and blew my load all over my hands, legs, jeans, shoes and floor. It was so dark in the booth I couldn’t see where or how much I’d blown. There was a strong salty musky cum smell all through my nose knowing his cum was inside me and my cum was all over the booth. I pulled up my pants and walked into the bathroom to wash my hands……… after trying to lick them clean of my cum.

I had to leave for an appointment but dam I could have stayed as there were so many walking around that day!!


On a business trip to Sydney and on way back from office to the airport to head home, I had approx 2 hours to get train from office to plane. I calculated that if I time it right I may have had about 30 minutes to go find some cock and cum on Oxford Street. Luckily all the train connection times worked out and within 20 mins from leaving the office I was walking in the sukatorium looking for cock. I went straight to back gloryhole private booths and waited. I went into one booth to get my cock sucked as one guy was waiting to suck some cock. He sucked and was a hot cock sucker….. but I wanted to save my load for later so left him as he almost made me blow. I went onto the other side to wait for cock to suck. After a couple of minutes one guy in a business suit walked in. He opened his fly and out leapt this warm sweet cock that smelt so musky and I wanted to swallow his cock straight away. He pointed it towards the whole and I held onto it slowly stroking it making him harder. I then put my mouth over the top and could feel and taste his cock growing inside my mouth. His cock tasted sweet and his precum was oozing all over my tongue. I sucked his cock until his length was about 8 inches and the thickness was about 4 – 5 inches around……. Very tasty cock for a quick suck…. He quickly pulled away for fear of blowing and walked out!! Dammit!!!

I checked my watch and had to leave to catch my plane in the hour. Made it to the airport and plane was delayed by 30 minutes……. Dammit had time to spare…..


I thought I’d try the Den and Klub Kruise again and see what happened this day.

Was supposed to meet up with a guy I had chatted with on Manhunt but he never showed up at the Den. Oh well his loss. But was only about 2 guys walking around the den for about 30 minutes. It was too quiet and I was so horned up I left and went over to the other place. This was way better at Klub Kruise.

I went to the open gloryhole section and stuck my cock through a hole and waited for some to suck my cock. I knew there were about four guys underneath so knew one would attack my thick long pole. And about 2 minutes later I was being sucked by two guys. About 10 minutes later, one guy stopped, walked around and wanted me to follow him. We went into a private booth where we both stripped off. His cock was about same size as mine, cut, about eight inches and thick. We sucked each other for about 10 minutes and then I couldn’t hold back and wanted his cock up my hole.

I turned and faced my arse towards his cock and he knew what he wanted too.
I slapped some lube on his cock and turned and face his hard cock towards my hole. He slowly started forcing his thick cock into my arse. I was bent over the vinyl bench seat and waited for his cock to slide into my arse. He penetrated my tight hole and felt his warm cock slide along my ring feeling my ring stretch wide as he entered me. He started to slowly pump my arse. Feeling his cock slide against my hole… then he started to increase his actions and pounded my harder and harder until I was yelling to fuck me harder. Fuck me harder I kept telling him.. then he started to slow and then he pulled out with a pop…. And started to wipe his cock… he’d dumped his load deep inside my arse. I touched my arse and then smelt the cum on my fingers. And tasted his cum knowing it was deep up my arse. I leaned down and sucked the rest of the cum from his cock, along its length and from the eye as well. He left.

I went back to the open gloryhole area and stuck my cock through a hole and noticed another guy getting his cock sucked as well. We were both being sucked by the two or three guys down behind the walls with holes in them. Then another young guy walked in and stuck his cock through another hole next to me. He watched me as I watched him. The guy sucking me turned me around so he could lick my arse. He must have tasted some cum there as he licked greedily at my arse ring. I stoked my cock to get hard again and guy getting sucked next to me leaned down and stroking my cock for me. He then pulled away from the hole he had his cock through and started to suck my cock. I leaned over the feel his cock as he sucked me and my hole was being rimmed. He had a long thick uncut cock. About 9 inches long, 5 inches around and hard as the handle of a tennis racket with a slight bend in it. I pulled away from having my arse rimmed and went down on his leaking cock.

The guy rimming me then came around and joined us in a hot threesome, sucking both our holes as we sucked each other. Then I turned and wanted him to fuck me, so I moved my arse towards his cock and slowly leaned my arse over his thick hard cock. He stayed still against the wall as I slowly tried inserting his cock inside my hole. I bounced on his cock while the 3rd guy sucked my cock. Meantime another two guys came and joined us and third guy was now sucking those two new guys and my cock as well. One of the guys was the guy that fucked my arse a few minutes earlier.

I pulled off his cock and slowly we parted the group as the guy doing all the cock sucking was getting a bit wild and made the sucking a chore rather than a good experience.

For the next 10 minutes everyone was walking around trying to look for each other. I went into a private booth with gloryholes and another guy came into another booth. I stuck my cock through the hole and man, he had a hot mouth that slowly sucked my cock and was hard instantly. He sucked and sucked and then we swapped so I motioned him to stand so I could suck his cock. Another big thick uncut cock that I was happy to suckle and wanted to fuck me. I sucked him for a while and then he pulled out and brought his mouth down to mine and we kissed deep tonguing each other. He asked to go to a private room so we did. We went into a room and we stripped and sucked each others hard cocks for ages. He was a greek guy with a hot greek thick big uncut cock. Hairy chest and hairy balls. I was trying to blow but was liking it too much I didn’t want to blow. I knew if I blew I would have to wait too long to get my cock hard again for more fun as time was limited. So he left and I went out looking for some cock to suck.

I went back into the open gloryhole area and noticed an earlier guy that was getting his cock sucked just before the 3some, and he was back for more. But no-one was sucking him so I quickly shot down and put my hand through and felt his crotch. He was swelling in his pants and I started to undo his pants for him. He then unzipped the rest and I sucked his hardening cock through his underpants. I pulled down his underpants to reveal a nice long 7” cock. I hungrily started to feed on his precum leaking cock. I must have sucked his cock for about 15 minutes. Slowly licking it up and down, sucking on his hairy balls, and feeling his hairy arse with my hands. Then I noticed the guy that fucked my from the 3some saddled up beside him. He had stuck his cock through a hole for some sucking as well. So both were getting their poles nice and hard from guys through the holes and one was me sucking his long pole. The other guy then turn and showed his thick cock to guy ZI was sucking. He pulled out and started sucking his thick cock. I started rubbing his arse as he bent over and slowly started to slipped my finger into his hairy crack. Licking some spit along his ring which made him groan. After a few minutes he turned and was waiting for the big thick cock to fuck him. When I knew he’d started, I put my hand through the hole and felt his raw cock sliding into his hole. I so wanted to go around and suck his cock as it slid into his arse. My fingers could feel this hard thick cock slide in slowly against his stretching tight arse. The guy being fucked sniffed some amyl and this sent him over the edge. He quickly stood up and pointed his cock towards my face and sprayed my face and head full of a huge hot load of cum. I licked at his cock as he brought it closer so I could clean it off and sucked the juice from his cock and hand. I could feel the sticky hot cum all over my mouth, nose and forehead. The guy fucking him then leaned over and he kissed my tongue and lips and also tasted the cum on my face.

I had to leave so wiped up the cum from my face, dripped into my tongue and mouth and left with the savouring musky salty flavour which stayed all day in my mouth and nose. Smelling and tasting it all the way home.

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