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Hi All

Thanks again for your emails saying you like my story posts and and hope you've been receiving back the pics when you requested them from me.

Here's another new adventure that happened.

Hope its Ok and up to the previous one's I've posted.



Three guys originally had planned to meet me at 11am at my place. John, Drew and Warren. I'd had Drew and John here before and Warren was a 'newbie'.

Warren arrived 15 minutes early. Cool, so we started. We played around for a while, he had a fat cock and HUGE mushroom head. I sucked his cock for a while and he started fingering my hole with lube and a couple of his fingers. He then stuck a vibrator up my hole and pushed that in and out. Then Drew arrived, stripping as he walked in. Yummmm, he is the other bottom guy, with a huge thick long cock, so he got undressed and joined us.

I sucked both cocks for a while, Warren was nice and hard by now and so was Drew, but he is always hard, his very fat 9"-10” uncut cock, could play with that one for hours.

So Warren got us both to lay on our backs with legs in the air. He fucked me first, pounded my arse nice and good. We all took the chance and fucked raw. Warren fucking me first, bareback, and then he fucked Drew, bareback. This turned me on so much seeing Warren fuck Drew, I got down under Warren and started sucking and licking his balls and cock and also licking Drew's arse as he fucked Drew's hot blonde hairy hole.

Then I started fucking Drew, and we also tried to double fuck him but he said he was too tight and I wouldn't fit in, so Warren slipped out and I slipped in. I had been wanting to fuck Drew for a long time, ever since he first fucked me with his fucking wide cock, now was payback time. He noticed the difference too. I think I was a bit bigger than Warren and I think Drew enjoyed it too!!!

So Warren started to fuck me as I fucked Drew, we were in unison as we fucked each other.

Then we all slipped out and started to fuck in different positions.

Warren would fuck me for a while as I knelt on the edge of the bed and he stood behind me on the floor. I got Drew to lie on his back in front of me and I started fucking him with his legs in the air while Warren fucked me.

Then I wanted to sit on Drew's nice fat cock, and he said sure, so I slid down bareback on Drew's cock. Dam it felt good, and slid all the way down. Warren came up behind me and tried to double fuck me. I wanted that so bad, but he couldn't get it in, dammit, we tried again later but the position was too awkward.

John messaged and said he was stuck in meetings so couldn't make it. Dammit, I think Drew was looking forward to getting a pounding from John's nice uncut cock. I know I was. John visited me yesterday and I sucked him off on cam and he also fucked me on cam too, so that was good as he fucks well. I hadn't been fucked for a while (apart from toys) and he certainly stretched me open and wide with his hot horny cock.

Drew needed to go back to work so Warren started fucking him and pounded him well and good. I took over and starting fucking him again, and then he wanted to cum, so he flipped over and I started fucking him again with his legs in the air and his always hard cock pointing into his face. He only pulled for a short while and he blew a mighty big load all over his chest. I was too busy fucking him to swallow any of his load. But he looked and smelled hot. I then pulled out to let him clean up and shower and go.

Meanwhile Warren started fucking me again. I couldn't get enough of cock in my arse. So he must have pounded me for ages, then he asked if he could try being fucked by my cock. He said he is mainly a top and only has been fucked once or twice before and he wanted my cock in his hole, so we slid my cock up his arse. Bareback again and I pounded him good with my dick.

Neither of us could cum, as we were exhausted already after a short time. It had only been over an hour since Warren and I started sucking and fingering when he arrived, so we had been fucking all that time since.

Fucking Hot Session.

Can't wait to do again........ and hopefully John will be there too!!!

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