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A few weeks ago I went and searched for cock and cum for my birthday.

I went to my favourite spot 'the den'. Was going to be free in the valley for a few hours so knew I'd be there for a while.

As soon as I got there, one young Asian dude was sticking his hot young smooth arse through a large hole in the wall. He wanted me to fuck him, so I did. I fucked him for ages. I felt some cum inside his arse as some leaked out the side of my cock and ran down his arse. I tasted my dick with his arse juice all over it, and it had a sweet flavour, then I kept fucking him more. He became really tight at one point and I didn't stop. Twice I forced my hard cock into his arse and I don't think he wanted it and I felt like I ripped his arse apart, I heard a muffled scream. Fuck I almost blew my load, was like raping his hole.

He stopped and said he wanted to take a break so I left him alone.

I then waited for a while and all that were there apart from the young Asian guy were all oldies, no offence but some older guy are okay but these walking (some hobbling with walking sticks!!) were just not my type.

I decided to go get some fresh air and about an hour later went back to see if any more fresh meet had arrived for the picking!!!

Phew. Thank god I went back. I went into the booths area and this thick fat hard cock poked through and man was my mouth salivating. I swooped down like you wouldn't believe. (well I guess you would believe that LOL!!!) and we swapped sucking on each other�s cocks and after a few minutes he wanted to go get a room so we did. He found this private room that had a sling in it. So he laid back on the sling and I was in cock sucking heaven. I sucked him for a bit and then put my hard cock against his arse, but he didn't want to get fucked, so Ok by me. I sucked and sucked his hard thick veiny cock for a long time, sucking up and down, deep throating and sucking in both balls into my mouth at the same time. He had his legs up in the air and I noticed his hairy arse, so even though he didn't want to get fucked, he liked me sliding my finger on his hairy hole. So I smelled his hole on my fingers and nice and clean so put my nose down there and oh man, so sweet, just a hint of a musky smell, so I stuck my tongue on the outside of his ring and as he snorted more poppers the whole time. He went berserk and then my tongue went berserk as well. I was licking his arse and his ring up and down, swirling my tongue inside his hole, and when I started to push my tongue deep down his arse hole he started moaning and I nearly dropped my own load on the floor as I stroked my own cock, precum was oozing so much out of my cock.

So I stopped licking his hole and went back to his balls as he moaned for more and then I quickly deep throated his cock. In about 60 seconds later he filled my mouth with his sweet sticky man juice. I've noticed my mouth and tongue can make a guy cum quickly.

After he blew we left the room and he left the club. I was still hungry so I went back to the booths with the holes in the walls and waited for cock to be shoved thru the gloryholes again.

It wasn't long and this cock poked through a hole. I sucked and sucked and got him hard and stripped my pants off and bent over and pushed my arse onto his raw hard cock. I used my hands to pull my arse open wide and felt his cock head pop inside my hungry hole. He fucked me for a while then I hopped off his cock, turned and started sucking down tasting my arse on his cock. Then popped my arse back on his cock and then fucked me for a while and then turned and sucked his cock for a while. I was so hot and hard, we kept doing that for about 15 minutes. I have to leave for an appointment so I had to go. With cum on my cock from the first guy I fucked, cum in my mouth from the guy I blew and then a huge amount of precum from the last guy. He didn't blow but I wanted him to but he must have taken a while. If I could've stayed longer he would have blown in my arse.

That was a lot of quick fun on my birthday!

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