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Part 2 • Scene 2 "Erik Engages"

ERIK BORDEN is my favorite kind of man: he contacted me and basically begged us to put together a party so he could show off his total passion for sucking cock and swallowing man-seed. As usual, I was happy to oblige.

We put together a group of men with big cocks who had been saving up their loads for days. This was a seriously horny group of men and they weren't disappointed with ERIK's cocksucking abilities.

ERIK starts off by servicing young bisexual stud DICK RICHARDS - who told me that he usually has trouble coming when he's sucked by a man. He had no trouble at all with ERIK, and in fact came faster than he intended, blasting his cum into ERIK's mouth.

ERIK then sucks off a small group of men, including hairy muscular ANDY DILL who shoots a load so copious that ERIK has to just keep swallowing as ANDY shoots it all down ERIK's gullet.

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