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Get a behind the scenes look at all things Treasure Island Media.

Indie Filmmaker Hired to Document San Francisco Underground "Porn Cult"

San Francisco -- September 16, 2009 -- Documentary filmmaker Ryan Sullivan has been signed to a 3-year contract giving him unprecedented access to all aspects of San Francisco adult production studio,
Treasure Island Media.

Sullivan first made a name for himself in indie-film circles. Recently he has been independently documenting the world of San Francisco-based T.I.M. in a series of webisodes that the filmmaker calls “Island” ( Sullivan and T.I.M. owner Paul Morris have formalized the relationship by signing an exclusive contract so Sullivan can continue his work.

“I’m impressed with Mr. Sullivan’s work,” stated Morris. “Filmmakers have tried to capture the inner workings of T.I.M. before. I have no doubt that Sully will be the one to succeed.”

The brand-new website, Ryan Sullivan's Island, goes live this week at The site features weekly “webisodes” about Sullivan’s life at T.I.M. The webisodes give viewers an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at Treasure Island Media, from porn shoots to daily life and occasional drama in the office.

Visit Ryan Sullivan's Island online at

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I'm glad Ryan got a TIM contract - I've been watching his videos for months now. He's really an excellent documentarian - he captures moments that are unguarded, and edits them in such a way that makes the whole process far more interesting.

And it's fascinating to see TIM videos in progress from the raw footage (pun intended) to later being able to see the final product. If you haven't checked out his website, stop what you're doing and go there NOW!

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Get real, HKman, or even better, get sex. It's only about money at TIM so go out there and live the dream instead of watching it! I've been looking at porn way too long and although it's very save I'm going for the real thing now. It's been a big step but fucking great so turn off the TV and join! Don't waste your cum, there's a lot of us that want it!

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