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A young nineteen year old, horny and handsome is being used by a group of horny guys who are all old enough to be his father and some even his grandfather! He is on his knees and all of the old guys are tossing their cocks off into his face. His gorgeous face is covered in spunk as the guys unload their jizz. He opens his mouth to take a few good mouthfulls of
cum, it dribbles from his lips. The old guys continue cumming over the
cum hungry lad who is sucking on each spurting cock and pulling on their cum loaded balls. His face is drenched in jizz, it slides down his face, his tongue eagerly laps out to catch some but the lad is insatiable and he wants more. He begs the guys to fuck him, he lays on the bed exposing his tight hairy manhole, pulling his cheeks wide to tempt the old men. He is begging them to fuck him but the guys are waiting to re-load their balls in order to fuck him good. They all take turns sucking on the young guys stiff cock and balls. Some lick and rim his hairy tight hole, others lick at the cum on his face and sperm kiss him until they are all ready to fuck him. The old guys line up and wait their turn. The young guy is smiling, his face still sticky with spunk, he takes the first cock into his arse and yelps with glee.
He is very vocal as the old man fucks him deep and hard, whimpering and yelping like a stuck pig as his arse is pounded and filled with cum. Cocks invade his mouth, cocks ram his firm cummy arsehole one after the other.He is crying out for more cock, he is begging them, almost crying for
more and more cock. The old men continue to shag him, his young ravaged arsehole is dripping with jizz and he is grinning and still begging for more prick. A couple of grandpa's put their dicks into his mouth, he sucks greedily, another daddy is pounding at his arse like there is no tomorrow. Nobody can get enough of the young guy, he is squirming on the bed, ready to take any cock, his hole is oozing with sperm and he is being fed poppers by a rampant daddy who is about to shoot a load onto his face.
The young guy snorts a massive hit of poppers, his eyes glaze he screams for more cock as the daddy unloads a face full. The young guy sucks on the cummy cock as it continues to sperm. A grandpa is down at his arsehole licking out a load of cum and saring it with other dads in spermy
kisses. The bed is a mass of bodies and cocks, everybody is sucking somebody, everybody is fucking somebody, the young guy is still begging for more cock in his arse, he lies on his belly , his arse high and supported by pillows. Nobody can resist the lad, his creamy hole is lubed with hot cum, he is snorting the poppers again, the bottle goes around the room, everybody is high and horny. Cocks are stiff and ready again, the lad is
begging again, he is crying for dick, any dick, he is insatiable, he is cock hungry, the film cannot end until he is satisfied. The fucking continues!

Title: Screaming for a Creaming

easy going
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wow, what an awesome story. Loved stroking my dick and taking a hit of poppers reading that, very horny writing and loved imagining that young stud taking all that fresh cum on his face, down his throat and in his tight arse, Love the reference to the poppers too. Shame ta few of his 18 year old mates didnt turn up too. More please

horny, bi guy, love blowing my load on and in guys and girls, love hard core porn an poppers
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And for the other POPPERS lovers like me, I'd greatly appreciate receiving a list of your favorite TIM flixxx with guys hitt'n the poppers.

Not my personal links,but fukk'n LOVE these poppers blogs:

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i4u4, you can stop posting these same links now. Please.

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