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I am an 52 years bottom, though not hysterical. I just like raw sex since 2006, and love to get bred. Never the less, although not into submission roles games, I found myself not interested by my own pleasure when having sex. I don't masturbate when getting fucked, and I'm not in the mood of cuming when being sucked by my top. ( I have always been slow cumer anyway, altough I come easily with a good backroom or gloryhole sucker.

I feel only like being used for his pleasure and being filled up. I like to take care of my top once he s done, like cleaning his dick, rimming is ass , caressing hos body and dick, kissing him... chatting body against body

I rather jack off watching a porn movie...

I was just wondering -altough there is no norm in sex - if other bottoms behave more or less the same.
Always reassuring to knwo you're not alone in the universe. :P

French bottom cum lover.
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