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Hey guys,

I have recently subscribed to two gay porno websites, namely this TIMFuck and ClubInfernoDungeon. I've been at a bit of a loss as to what to do this afternoon (which is unlike me, but there were circumstances), so I spent a lot of time on both sites (may as well get my money's worth), and it got me to thinking about the life of a porno star.

I'm 57 now, way passed it, but I can still dream. I still have a reasonably athletic body "for my (fucking) age", and can still attract guys (who like "daddies"), have a young mind, and can mix well, socially and sexually, with almost any age group. Over an oaky, late-afternoon glass (read "bottle") of Chardonnay, I have been thinking about these porno stars, and what their lives must be like. It brought me to the point of wondering if it could have been something I would have done in my youth, if I had "known then what I know now". Fuck, yes, it most certainly is.

In my younger days, I (was told that) I was handsome, fit and desirable (that's all in the eye of the beholder, of course), so maybe I would have stood a chance, especially if I had lived in the USA. Since embarking on this subject, I did some research into the lives of the current porno hunks (Ethan Wolfe (one of my favourites), Peto Coast, etc.), and I have come to the conclusion, that a (temporary) life of porn would most definitely have been something for me, but I would have had to educate myself beforehand in some post-porn field, in the knowledge that porn stardom is usually in the past tense once one reaches the age of 30-ish, after which one needs something upon which to fall back. There is no way I (knowing then what I know now) would have entered porndom without firstly establishing a foundation for my life afterwards. How many of them are attracted by the money and glamour at such a young age, yet when they become "has-beens", have nothing more in their lives. It's actually quite sad. Nothing insulting meant, but I just hope these hot men have something to use in later life.

I guess it's the folly of youth: go where the money is, and achieve your dreams - while you are young - but what happens afterwards?

If there is any porno film producer out there who needs an "average build and dick" 57-year-old, to "star" in an upcoming production, I'm your man!!!

Guys, what are your thoughts on this subject?

I wish you all a happy Sunday, and keep fucking or being fucked.

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