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Well we need to read 1984....
One would have been silly to think that space of freedom would remain uncontrolled, just because there are nasty people among the WW population...Anyway

regarding the internet, , nobody has ever dare to do this in France. Never the less services like Google and Youtube are using the technical capabilities of internet supplier, while they are taking benefits from Add on their site and services..Quite unfair.
The one who makes the money should support teh costs!

we have a similar trend here. People are making agrrement with Services suppliers so they support costs for their services.
Why Customers should pay to get their services in theur DSL SUbscription while they are makinga fortune with ads and selling our private data (fuck you Google and facebook)?

Here we have a a company that have been breaking the telecom market rules.
They have invented the Internet Box in 2003 : DSL 20 Mbits max, DSL TV (600 channels), Free land line for 30 € ( 36 now; the box has free communication to 40 countries WW fixed and mobile line and a blue ray player and many other services) :D .
They have entered the mobile market 2 years ago. While I used to pay 70€/month for my Iphone while I didn't knwo what I was paying for, I now pay 16€/month unlimited phone call (including 40 countries), unlimited Texts, 3Go data. 4G included for 20Go if you are covered of course.
So a market revolution is possible.
Before the 3 mobile operators were sentenced 600 Millions euros for secret agreement on prices.

Sorry NSA for the key word revolution, you big ears!

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