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At the AIDS 2014 conference in Melbourne, Australia, the local state government announced that " Australia's only HIV-specific law, which criminalises intentional transmission of the virus, will be repealed by the Victorian Government to reduce stigma associated with the disease." The Age, 21 July 2014.

This will protect men with HIV who have sex with others.

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I feel it is very important to stop dicrimination against HIV positve people. I am HIV - and my boyfried is positve. His viral load is 0, I started Travada last month. We do not like condoms. We've been together for 4 years.
He told me he was postive on our first date. I am usually the bottom and I have never converted.
It's time to move on from the fear of the past and allow all of us to live in freedom without fear.

Passionate porn lover.
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poZ stigma , i've learned, starts with oneself. Its not so much who is around us and what they might be saying, but its how we look at ourselves, and define who is in around us, and who shouldn't be. Building a new network of peers and/or sexual partners was the surprise that one should embrace. You can't wish it back ina bottle or pretend that you aren't what you are.

So letting go of the past and our preconceptions of being poZ, one can find oneself with men who can be poZ, BB, lust after, and be poZ and turned on.


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