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Hope this is not a stupid question.
From a physical aspect, how much difference is there for a bottom taking a double penetration versus taking a fist (assuming average size dicks and hand)? I've never got to experience either personally. It doesn't seem like thickness-wise there would be too much difference. Am I wrong?
Why is there such a different attitude between the two? DP seems to be fairly popular among younger guys anymore. I'm a fan of the college age/type guys (CorbinFisher, SeanCody) and they've had several scenes with DP. So these - some supposedly straight - young guys can take two dicks in the ass, but they never touch fisting. And I'll hear guys willing to do or try DP, but fisting scares them. Not sure why. Fisting seems like it's only associated with the S&M / leather / hardcore crowd. And as far as porn goes, it doesn't seem like you very often see DP and fisting in the same scene - it's one or other.
I apologize if I'm overgeneralizing or way off base. I just double the thickness of my dick and it would be somewhat thicker than widest part of my hand if I was going to insert it into a hole. Obviously fist would be thicker, but you don't usually make a fist until the hand is inside, right? I do recognize there's probably some mental or psychological differences for the bottom between the two.
Again, sorry if this is dumb. I'm a bit fascinated by both, but never had the opportunity to do either yet.

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