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This question is primairly for Max since he does the videos. Well i have always wonderd how porn sites usually get their guys clesan before a shoot, so I was wondering what yall do before the shoot? (Oh and by cleaning i mean the ass, which im sure you knew lol)

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I hope you mean i'm the one who does the videos AND frequents the boards - LOL
- cos' my Mentor Paul Morris does far more than I do :)

- porn - like in life - deals with the human body.
Sometimes - here, I'll say it - shit happens - and it happens to the best of bottoms no matter what precautions they take...

The best topic on the subject I've seen on the internet is on barebackjack at

under the health section there is an article entitled
"The Art of Douching"

Barebackjack pretty much covers the subject far more eloquently than I could..., so I would suggest you go over and read it.

Some bottoms are careful about what they eat before getting fucked and will stick to protein shakes the day of...

Some bottoms prefer shower attachments for cleaning up - others just use over the counter supplies like Fleet - others have portable douching apparatus that you can buy from sex stores.
Some use suppositories (but be careful - if you overdo it with suppositories that can cause some minor bleeding).

I have noticed most of the "power" bottoms that I have worked with also will double check with some of the biggest dildos I've ever seen before offering up their holes for real dicks.

I would also highly recommend that you get a couple of book on sex and anal health:

Anal Pleasure and Health
by Jack Morin

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men
by Bill Brent

Both of them are available on

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Personally, I'd be more interested in cleaning porn guys after the shoot...particularly with my tongue...

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I'm with pissbear on this one! <slurp>

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Me too......... I'd rather be licking, slurping and cleaning up after they have shoot their loads.

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hey VATwink86 - as a total bb twink top, i'd be VERY glad 2 teach u personally how my partners get ready 4 me. but sometimes, in the heat of passion, they can't b completely ready - oh well! does'nt stop me from shooting multiple BIG creamy loads way deep!

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Max's considered response is spot on. The Barebackjack link is still live.

Nic Holas, an Aussie who has done a hot scene or two for TIM under a stage name, has written an artlcle in MCV & other Australian publications. He recommends a daily serve of Psyllium Husk (on one's breakfast cereal), available from supermarkets. Aids regularity and compacts shit, so you can save on lots of toilet paper and wet wipes as well. Means you do not have to invade the arse with lots of plumbing, just some warm water. Maybe a small water bottle's worth. To minimise food consumption on a couple of days a week greatly assists weight loss and may increase the chance for a quick fuck in a sauna and elsewhere.

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The key is, when you go out always clean yourself just in case

when it works, just wait an hour or so just to make sure that you didn't put water back into column, that will turn solid shit back into diarea :evil:
Check for teh last laft water being lost

I use just about warm shower hose with a douche adapter and it works fine

Shit quality is the question - stop junk food and all processed food and your shit will be great and solid and slide like a boy from the colum (water removal) , storage room( rectum) and exit door without redisue (anus)

Some friends eat no residue (rice only for example) before a orgy night just to make sure to not fuck it up!

French bottom cum lover.
French BB chat :
best Paris sex club:

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