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I tried watching the "Buck-a-Fuck" section of Deeper again tonight, but couldn't resist hitting the fast forward button very often. However, I had forgotten that Spit can be seen for a (comparative) fleeting moment in this scene, fucking Dawson and also getting blown. I was reminded (fondly) of his ATM scene in Breeding Season (plus the eagerness with which he bent over to take Austin Shadow up his hole in one of its bonus scenes), and also the interview with him.

He's got such a positive attitude (in both senses of the word), that I think he could sustain a longer exposure in a TIM video. Maybe even a whole video in which he is the catalyst for a lot of hot, bareback sex. It could combine oral and anal, since he puts his mouth liberally in both places. And since he can both bottom and top, he'd be a candidate for the video concept that pairs Dawson with a bunch of guys who both top and bottom.

Possible titles:

* Spit Shine

* You Don't Know Spit (or Getting to Know Spit)

* Pigs 'n' Spit (or Spit 'n' Pigs)

* A Portrait in Spit

As an aside, I remember an extreme sex video from a club in Texas (can't remember the name right now, but it had lots of mud and occasional vomit), and one of its sexiest scenes consisted of a series of men simply stepping up to a guy tied to a chair and spitting on him. Maybe Spit could get into that, too?

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agreed -- really liked this stud in BS and wish there were more of him in action. love the way his balls draw in tight and his pole sticks straight out getting fucked.

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How about this for a flick.
Have Spit be the first guy to fuck and seed a hot bottom and call the flick....
"Spit for Lube"

Both his own spit and Spits spunk as the lube for a gangbang, sounds hot to me.


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I just re-watched "Breeding Season"--the first one. It's as hot as ever. Dylan is such a nasty, hungry bottom. And I'd forgotten how much I like the guy who goes by "Spit." He's crazy for ATM and felching, and slurps so much juice out of Dylan's hole--great. The next video I had to watch was "What I Can't See 2" which has one scene which in my opinion gets stolen completely by Spit, even though he's not the supposed star--it's the "Preacher Gets Religion" scene, again with some pretty stellar felching and Ass-to-mouth work by Spit.

Any chance you could find this guy again and give him some assjuice-coated cocks to suck, and loads to felch?

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