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It's nine p.m., Friday, the start of a long weekend here in Vancouver. I thought about checking out the local tubs, flashing back how vanilla my last two visits were. I'd gone to Steamworks, and soon a nerdy guy, with a definite kinky vibe, inched his way into my dimly lit room, straining to check out the toxic symbol tattooed on my stomach, just under my belly button. "You clean?" he whispered. Knowing exactly what he meant, I thought I'd have some fun and and the same time, enlighten this guy. "You mean if I douched," I asked with an innocent face. " NO," he mumbled, so I brightly added, "Oh, like did I clean my pits?" "No," he stammered out, "Like you know, diseases."
I proceeded to tell him that implying he was clean, made me dirty. Thinking to myself, "hell yeah I'm a nasty, dirty pig," but this dude needs a lesson in cruising manners. "Fuck man, just say, "Hey, I'm neg. How about you? Or, just ask me if I'm poz. No need to beat around the bush," I told him. Thanking me for being honest, he backed out of my room so fast, speed bumps couldn't have slowed him down. Word must have spread about me because nobody else stopped by my room that night.
Three months earlier at the same bath house, I brought a bag of fav butt toys and my pipe. Guys stood outside my door giving me a look of disgust which made me think they wanted to have the balls to advertise their deepest pig boy fantasies openly like me. Nobody had the guts to come in while other guys loitered around the hallway watching, so I ended up hitting my t pipe solo , and watching fist fucking videos all night, stuffing my wretched hole with bigger and bigger pig toys.
Tonight, needing to get fucked hard, sooner that later I logged on NastyKink Pigs. My profile described me being an older, slim, hairy guy with a kinky streak. 6.5 cut cock with a nice curve, versatile, into parting and into licking, kissing, and eating loose, sloppy man hole.
Almost as soon as I got online, "Bareback daddy" with a big uncut cheesy cock, and his nasty pig buddy looking were on the prowl for mutual hole play with aversatile party slut. I immediately checked out their profile I noted "daddy" was white, 50, shaved head, bushy grey beard, hairy with a belly. The fierce look in his piercing eyes, the huge T cloud he blew out his thick lips, and his juicy 9 inch love stick made my hairy ass lips twitch. His pig bud was a good-looking Hispanic with a goatee, 40, smooth fit body, and a 7.5" uncut dick that looked thicker than "Daddy's."
Knowing these guys were way too fucking hot to pass up, I instant messaged them and after two emails back and forth, determined we were into the same piggy fun. After writing down their address, I wasted no time douching out. Checking through my toy bag before heading out, I grabbed what I call my devil tongue, a thick piece of pliant red rubber with a mean fucking twist when used right, and my anal ball string toy.
Soon as I got past the entrance hallway, the pair grinded their naked bodies over me, undid my belt, pulled down my jeans and yanked off my t-shirt. Leading me to a nearby bedroom, I was pushed down on my back, landing on a bare mattress on the floor . The latin stud, Ricardo rubbed his oozing foreskin against my lips, while "daddy" licked and gently pulled at my ass lips with his teeth. It wasn't long before a glass pipe filled with several large shards of t was lit and passed around. As I got shotguns from the guys on either side of me, I knew that I was gonna really enjoy getting fucked up with these dudes.
"Daddy" started pinching my rubbery nipples hard and my dick sprung to attention. Licking the trail of hair from my crotch up to my stomach, while working my man nips big time, he sucked on my ear and whispered lustfully, "Me and Ricardo like to get our pig on. You up for getting down with us?" My eyes burned into his, and nodding my agreement, the party started. Ricardo pulled my legs back over my head and circling two thick fingers over my hairy hole slipped in one, two and then three frozen crisco balls. Later when they melted, I felt the bits of crystal shards melting, making my hole wet and hungry for the fun they had in mind. Daddy than inserted a plastic tube up my slimed up hole and took a huge hit of t from the pipe he had heated up. He feed me a huge mouthful of the cloudy lust smoke and told me to keep it in while he carefully slid the plastic tube through my clamped ass lips.
Instructing me to blow in and out, the cloudy T vapour moved down the tube to my ass and back up to my mouth. After three passes, he pulled the tube out of my mouth and gave me a sloppy soul kiss. My tongue swirled around with "Daddy's" as he continued to work my erect man nips. Ricardo pulled my legs back further and taking some bungie cords, tied them back to hooks on the wall. "Daddy took a turkey baster lying on the floor, dipped it into a bucket of raunchy smelling tina piss, slid his fingers in, wetting them and rubbed the warm liquid against my lips. Opening my mouth, I greedily slurped on his wet digits, feeling the crystal infused piss making me fly higher, open to anything my play buds wanted to do to me. Dipping his fingers once again into the pail, he circled my twitching hole and with a gleam in his eye lustfully chortled, "your pig hole is gonna get stretched into a gaping man cunt. " A good sized butt plug was pushed up my willing hole to let the T juice work its magic.
With my legs firmly held back, Ricardo squatted on my face and my tongue slid back and forth on his silky smooth hole, As he bore his weight down on me, my tongue pushed past his asslips and into the warm furnace of his love sleeve. "Daddy's" tongue swirled around my throbbing cock head and his thick lips parted and milked away at my swollen cock. Usually Tina makes me soft, but these two pigs had turned on my slut button and I was up for anything.
"Daddy" slowly pulled the buttplug out of my burning hole, sucked up the pungent tina piss that hadn't been absorbed up my love tunnel, and fed it back to me in my mouth. He then grabbed an eighteen inch double header dildo, dipped it into bucket, slowly teased my slippery hole, pushed it in , and got Ricardo to shove the other end up his upturned ass, while continuing to pump his delicious ass up and down on my mouth while I licked his protruding ass lips.
In my delirious pig haze, I heard a buzzing sound in the distance. As "Daddy" hoisted his wet T-juiced ass lips off my slobbering mouth, he jumped off the bed and made his way to the front door. I didn't know two buddies had showed up and some serious pig pal was about to go down. Wes was in his early 60's just shy of 6 foot, 180 lbs, smooth, barrel chested and as I would soon find out, had a beer can dick that he knew how to use. His pal, Claude was in his mid fifties, 5 ft 10, lean with thick curly white hair and beard, and hair chest legs and arms. He was wearing a leather jock strap so I didn't get a view of his cock right off, but a bulge and swagger as they entered the bedroom hinted at major meat for sure.
Sizing up the situation, Wes growled, "got some great jib for finding Jesus." I'd slammed only twice before, with small doses, as I'm slim, and really liked the rush. I had the feeling that this was one going to be the wild time I had always imagined in my wildest fantasies and wanted to let loose and have an experience I'd remember. Wes sized me up, smiling with lust burning in his eyes. You'd get off on a 3.5 slam, but I think you need a 4 for starters for what I have in mind. We all got up add went into the kitchen to prep the needles. When it was my turn, I took a deep breath as I know there wouldn't be any turning back. Remembering how wobbly I felt the last time, I asked Claude to walk with me back to the bedroom. Because the lights were so low I hadn't noticed that a portable sling was set in the corner. Claude led me to it, pushed me on my back, lifting my legs up, as he placed my feet it the stirrups. The rush had now hit me hard and my ass stared rubbing again his leather jock. "I see a hungry pig that needs feeding he laughed, as he pulled off his jock, freed a thick 8 inch uncut tub steak, spit on it and starting rubbing it against my pulsating ass. Grabbing my rubbery nips and twisting them hard, just the way I like it, he moved around so I could slurp and chew on his foreskin, as he pushed down my throat. Leaning over me he spit on his finger and starting slowly teasing my hole. A bog of spit and then one and two fingers were slowly stitching me open. Before lone he had two fingers from each hand kneading my chilled out hole open. "Nice juicy mancunt," he whispered hotly in my ear as he sucked and slurped on it. "You're going for a ride before I get my fist up there and take your temperature."
I must have had a look of fear cross my face because he swirled his thick tongue in my mouth as if to reassure me that he was no hurry. Moving over in front of me, he sat down on a stool and slowly twirled his this tongue around my ass lips, gently tugging wth his teeth when he felt me grinding my hairy ass again his face. He placed my hands on his nipples and I began working them hard, between my thumbs and two fingers. This got his dick throbbing and he wasted no time sliding into my wet, eager hole. Next thing I knew, Ricardo positioned his cock against my lips and was working my nips just as hard I was working Claude's. "Daddy" stood off to the side, lighting up a pipe filled with some of the powerful crystal the guys had brought over, and shared long shotguns with the before feeding me a deep blast. A rag soaked with poppers was then placed over my nose and I greedily breathed in the ass opening elexer.
Claude wasted no time pounding his joy stick in and out of my every widening hole. Next thing I knew there were two fingers as his cock stretching me out. A third and then a forth finger slipped in, and slowly withdrawing his throbbing cock and fingers, gave me a wink and in a low voice hoarsely instructed me to breath in the poppers and take a deep breath. I wasn't ready for the push and the sudden pain, but sucking in the poppers deeply, my hole relaxed as his collapsed hand slid in past my spicntor clamped shut tight around his wrist. Leaving it still for a minute or so, the searing pain way to waves of pleasure as I felt the walls of my ass come alive.

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